Why the Boards Contest?

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Deolu Akinyemi

Writing this article, I’m asking myself, “aint I over communicating”? I’m consoled however that I can’t overcommunicate. One extra posting is one extra reference point for the days when people claim not to understand things.

One of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked about the New Nigeria Club Initiative is this.

” I believe in a New Nigeria, I love the concept and the ideals, I think this is the product of a master mind, this project has a lot of merit on it’s own outside the boards, you don’t need those boards as they will go slow with time, why did you include the boards?”

Find below, 3 reasons why the boards are there, and 4 other facts about the board. Please note that these reasons do not have to agree with your ideology. We cannot please all, we can only stay true to our objectives and be accountable to all the buy the vision.

Why the boards contest?

1. The boards are there to help us prevent capital flight. In our humble observation, Nigerians will join any latest foreign board based program that shows up, in droves. This typically leads to the flight of billions of Naira. All these Australian companies (currently) need to do is get a few of the Networking leaders and they’ve gotten the nation.  Clubfreedom came with a product (I still like them), many people bought without having interest in the product, DCC also came with diamonds, few people have bothered to get, and from then the others have come with products that don’t even exist for Nigerians. People still join in tens of thousands, and I hear more are on the way, and people will still join. These boards are here as a contest to raise the barrier to entry into Nigeria and prevent capital flight and keep the funds where it can add value to our economy -here! Even if you end up not getting any reward, you should feel proud that something from your energies is going to be adding visible value here.

2. The different boards have changed the language of Nigerians, we believe that we have done quite some work in the nomenclature of the boards to effect a change of language, and for people to continue to refer to their positions on the board and wish for better things. The first thing that happens for change to happen is a change of language. Abram needed to be called Abraham to become.

3. Clubfreedom, DCC, GAC have had their turns at being the most popularly visited sites in Nigeria and some parts of the world.  Why, because it gave people hope, hope that one day, they will market their way to the top. We need our site to be well visited, because we intend to use it as a vehicle to help provide information, and change people’s thinking about our Nation. One of the ways to do that is to ensure that even though a contest, our members can keep going back to look at the site. 

Facts about the boards contest

1. Joining the boards contest in the first 6 months is free for club members. We are doing this to help people who already have prior board experience in board based MLMs recover their loss. We believe they’ll be the first to join this, so they can at least gain some of their money back. Everything made in this contest is gain as it costs nothing extra to join presently. Think of it like, who wants to be a millionaire or the intern show.

2. Some people will be too conservative or too busy to participate in the boards contest. They have the option not to – it’s clearly there as an option for yes or know on the registeration page. It’s a game of marketing, strategy and people management. We have structured it to ensure many more people win, but all will not win.

3. We do not encourage people to do multiple registerations into the club, but because each registeration into the club provides members with more free positions on the board, people will intend to register more than once, we plead for moderation, as all registeration fees into the club are non-refundable. All the extra registerations you however do in the name of playing the game can be sold off to other aspiring members. Tenue of registeration will count for some things.

4. The boards we are using now is arguably the best set in principles, we have taken the good things from all the other boards. If we see anything better in the future, we’ll inculcate it.

The current state of things is that even many of the leaders are tired, tired of dragging people in too many directions. Many have confided in us that they don’t want to do anymore, so they are using this board system as their bus-stop. For people who are truly tired of hopping from board to board, you don’t have to be on the boards. What we are building is real, and we want it to be alive (with or without boards) for the next 50yrs and more – by then Nigeria will be living the dream for many years. We will also in the near future drop the price for membership for the grassroot, right now we want to start it off with the average to middle class. Once we reach our target (5,000,000) we will stop taking members through this open means, intending members will have to apply in what will look like the process of applying for a combination of Passport, Visa and Residency – People will do exams and we’ll observe them for months before becoming members. 

Many who are against or unsure today, will join much later – tenure will count a bit though.  The quality of any network is a function of the people in it, and if the type of people I see in NNC already is what will continue, we have succeeded before we even started. This is an opportunity, and those who Pass Over Opportunites Repeatedly are P.O.O.R.

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