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  1. Hello Deolu,

    You have done a great job with this site. Please keep up the good work.

    I was at the 180 degrees Seminar, although I couldnt participate in any of the sessions.

    I would like to know if there are volunteer roles in your organisation, and if I can contribute.

    Take care.


  2. Mr deolu,

    wow!its cool to know someonelike has worked the road i intend to walk. i look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.

  3. Mr deolu,
    Wow! Its good to know someone like you has walked the road i intend to walk, i look forwaed to meeting you someday soon.

  4. adesiyan oyewole

    hia MR.D

    Its good to know that ia ve always perceived you as a mentor and you ave never for once failed me.this site and articles produced thereform are of global dimension and i wish i was a part of it.
    in summary mr D ..you are indeed the ASE of our time

  5. Bro Deolu,
    I am highly motivated and impressed with your acheivement and life.Indeed you’re a mentor and a true Nigerian symbol.
    On a lighter note,i love your hair style and the way you’ve grown it over time.Please,i also like to wear a new look like yours as such i like to have advice on what it takes to grow and maintained the kind of hair.
    I work with an international NGO now but intend to venture to pursue my dream soonest.It has become a religious practice to visit your sight every to drink from your fontain of knowledge.
    Looking forward to you for usual inspiration anmd motivation.

  6. Hmm!
    Simply breathtaking, and challenging.
    U’ve achieved what many two times your age could only dream of and yet quite unassuming.

    Keep the passion and hunger burning and the sky will be your spring board.

    Luv U!

  7. I get some new things each time i read your profile. For now, i have just finished reading a good BRAG!

  8. Your pedigree Deolu is a motivation and confirmation that I am on the right track in the right dimension. Keep up the good work and blaze the trail for the the restive, restless and the resourceful youths of Africa.

    James Komolafe -Catalyst.

  9. Greatest Ife! Articulate Ife!!…

    I’m simply not surprised at your electrifying exploits in the course of contributing to the advancement of humanity. Quite interactive and informative a website! Keep up the good work you’re doing, and more power to your elbow. Looking forward to meeting you in one of these fine days.

  10. Your achievement so far is motivational. Though, I’ve met you one on one in Abuja (Club Freedom Meeting) it is now i see what stuff you are made of.Am proud to be associated with you

  11. Wow you are a really great man.You keep on amazing me. A rare gem you are. I’llmake sure I maximise the opportunity of having access to someone like you and make my life and our community a better one.

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  13. challenging profile,we need someone like u to lead this nation.join a political party ,we will vote u in,u hav all wat it takes ,i see u asd david and obama of our tyme

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