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Deolu Akinyemi

Hello My friends, colleagues and companions in the desire for the emergence of a New Nigeria. I salute you. Thanks for your patience, support, encouragement and inspiration till date. Your comments have been both helpful and instructional.

The much awaited club popularly known as the New Nigeria Club begins it’s pre-launch today at 11:22, 22/11/2007. The site will be down until then, and you will have an opportunity to work with your sponsors to enroll you into the club.

I quite understand that there are many different perspectives about what we are about to do, some can also not claim to fully understand. Just today, I had the pleasure of explaining the entire concept afresh to two ladies from GTBank that I was meeting for the first time, on something we wanted done for all club members – Naija Branded ID cards with interswitch magnetic strips, personal identity and hologram. Effective full launch, we want club members to carry cards that are functional and reduce the levels of bureaucracy involved in getting the deals. While explaining it to them, I saw a familiar look in their eyes… a look of possibilities, of hope, of belief. For the sakes of clarity, let me make it clear and concise afresh.

Our Objective: To create a positive image for Nigeria and Nigerians at home and abroad while playing our part in placating the woes of poverty in Nigeria. Our overall aim is to be a voice and an arm in the building of the Nigeria of our dreams.

Our Vision: To build a critical mass of 5,000,000 Nigerians who are satisfied members of the club and who are active participants in the building of the New Nigeria.

How do we aim to achieve this?

We want to leverage on the possibility of creating win-win opportunities for a wide range and variety of people to build a critical mass of people who will be involved in Nation building. As a club we have defined our ideals as integrity, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, fairness and equity. Our members agree to be bound by these ideals and agree to lose membership if found wanting in any of these. In order to make club membership valuable to members, we have gone out of our way, and we will continue to do so, to obtain fantastic discounts on everyday items for club members. A club is as important as the people in it’s network, we know the value of being members of golf clubs, bikers clubs, tennis clubs e.t.c. and we have chosen a membership fee significantly less than any of these while ensuring that we have deals that no other clubs can give e.t.c.

Because of our understanding of the current trend of things in Nigeria and the fast growing popularity of board based MLMs in Nigeria, we have decided to introduce a board based Reward Contest/System exclusively for our club members. We have called it a contest because this is how we see it. While contests like The Intern, Who wants to be a millionaire cost some initial spending to get into the contest and extremely few win, we have decided to make joining this contest free for the next 6 months and optional to the members of our club. We put things in place to ensure that it will be an exciting contest and be rewarding to more people than have been in MLMs. The board contest is also structured in such a way as to change the language of Nigerians… and create a desire for a better Nigeria. We have also ensured that the first 5 positions on the contest and in the club are dedicated to Orphanages, Special Children Homes, Public Hospitals, Public Schools, Destitutes, Social Menaces, Scholarships and Sponsorships. The first places we want to add value is for people that really need it, and we’ll be making sure the News Papers don’t miss our collective efforts.

We haven’t started, and we can see some of the craze we want to stir happening already. Everybody around me currently wear Nigeria Map lapel pins, people are making t-shirts, painting cars, and doing a lot of noticeable things. We intend to create a desire for quality things made in Nigeria, we intend to help our network members develop their business and compete with the Biggies, we want to have as many seminars as we have had and more but this time sharing ideas on what we have done, can do and can put heads together to do for a better Nigeria. If all the money we shipped away in the name of buying products we didn’t intend to use is channeled locally for a worthy course, I think it’s good enough, and this time, people get to have value exceeding 200% of their membership fee from the club – Already without starting, there are quite of interesting things on ground and many more in the pipeline. We just need to kick off so that some of us can have more time for the real things.

There is too much talk in Nigeria already about the prophecies of things to come… we don’t want to talk anymore, we want to start a bloodless revolution. We are securing the buy-in of our leaders, it’s not a fight against authority, it’s a quest to ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country. We will fund reorientation seminars in every higher institution and every City in Nigeria, North, East , West or South South will not matter, we won’t do it ourselves, we will enlist the services of people who have been doing it at their own expense and have a passion for it. We will guarantee our members to do business where as a nation, we are perceived to be fraudulent. Saying I belong to the New Nigeria Club will mean, you have integrity! We will grow so big, our resolve as a network will change the direction of our nation.

I’m not kidding myself that all that read will jump in and become members. It took me 7 months after CF started in Nigeria before I was convinced to join, and we still turned things around despite being late. There are some, whose sun of understanding will not rise until we are 2yrs deep in this burning desire, but they will be valuable all the same. The means of registration into the club will be via the use of prepaid pins. You can contact anyone who positions to be a member of the club to be sponsored. Please read all the, FAQ, terms and conditions, about us and don’t join if you don’t believe, it’s better to be late than to regret.

In the same breath some people will use what we have diligently created, and use it as a vehicle for personal aggrandizement. They will speak the language of New Nigeria but their motives will be difficult to decipher. I have the answer of Paul for them – “But others preach about Christ for selfish and wrong reasons, wanting to make trouble for me in prison, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that in every way, whether for right or wrong reasons , they are preaching about Christ. So I am happy, and will continue to be happy – Phil 1;17,18” Everybody will bear in his/her own conscience the repercussion of his/her acts.

Thanks again for your relentless support and belief. I pray that what you saw in me that makes you trust me will not be lost in me. I love you all…and I believe.

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