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It was with a sense of joy and pride that we received the first batch of Starcomms deals for our members today. Ever since Saturday when we sent the mail bellow to our members, mails have not stopped coming in, and calls have not stopped coming in. Alas, our people can see value being added, and we are planning to really outdo our best.  These are good deals to start with, considering it helps us even network better, it’s the ideal first deal, and I’m glad we can make it available for our members.

Can you imagine what it will be like to speak to one another at anytime of the day for free? That provides sufficient grounds for anybody I call my friend to join in this tag team, and let proper networking be enabled.

Hello Club Members,

We would like our club members to start taking advantage of some of the deals immediately.

The ones we’ll be starting with are the Starcomms deals. We believe that this deal will help put more of our members online at very cheap prices, it will also help communication between members, as communication will be at zero cost. It will also help us immediately show our members, current and intending that we are serious about adding value. We think this is a development we should all be proud of.

Pls find below a breakdown of the deals.

Starcomms 1

Starcomms Evdo – PCMCIA slot compatible (USB later)

Market Price
Modem: N26,500
Monthly Payment: N15,950
Club Price
Modem: N10,000
Monthly Payment: N12,500 (plus 300 in subsequent months for charges and tx)

Modem: >62%
Monthly Payment: >21%

Annual Savings: N57,900 (club membership fee immediately back in your pocket and more)

All modems being made available to club members will be pre loaded with 1 month’s payment. We are required to pay the total of N22,500. Members are also allowed to upgrade their current modems to club member status, and begin paying 12,500 (+300 for tx and bank charges) effective from their next month’s payment. All you need is send an email to the appropriate address.

Starcomms 2

Starcomms Mobile Phone and Line

Market Price
Huawei Phone: N6,000
Monthly Payment: variable
Rates to other users: 10 naria per min

Club Price
Huawei Phone: N5,700
Monthly Payment: 1500 -750 as we grow
Rates to other club members: Free (across 14 cities of Nigeria)
Reduced rates to other lines. Mobile -N21/m, other starcomms -N10/m, other networks -N14/m, and international calls -N15/m landline or mobile
Mobile phone: 5%
Call Rate: As much as you want to talk and network. <100%  . We'll be having serial numbers with which we can call ourselves.

Annual Savings: N90,000 if you speak for 30mins daily. If you like you can make sufficient calls to cover your membership fee in the first month…lol

Members are also allowed to upgrade their current starcomms lines to member status. Just send your mobile number and username with your registered email to appropriate quarters, check the members area.

Modus Operandi

Members should please check their member areas for these details.
Please note that these deals are exclusive to members of New Nigeria Club only, members can buy as much as they desire and retail to none members for profit, but priority will be given to order of one before multiple purchases.

Thanks for trusting us…more to come… (We’ll be releasing the Juicy Laptop, Land, Cinema Tickets, Flight Tickets and Food deals shortly….tighten your seat belts.)

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