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Who is Thinking Nigeria? -2

Picture Credits: I won’t talk about Prof Pat Utomi, because he seems already aligned with this position… being or not being is not do or die, he’s willing to work from any position to move Nigeria forward. He would willingly vice a Buhari, or take a Ribadu as vice… and that in my view …

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DSTV – Don’t Sell Tomorrow’s Votes

“Question 1 for Winning a Samsung GT-S3100 – State the Activation codes and price for the daily, weekly and monthly mobile internet bundle plan” Please do not send the answers until you see question 3. Answers to be sent to seun.adelana at The hottest news on the Nigerian landscape today, are the inner maneuvers …

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Red Alert! Nigeria in Crisis!

It’s 2am and I’ve never caught myself so drained and saddened by what I see Nigeria gradually decaying into. When I close my eyes, I see the Nigeria of my dream, the Nigeria where candle lights are remembered only as instruments for romantic dinners and not alternative sources of light, a Nigeria where my son …

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The Sin of Negligence

“Advertorial – An Alliance for Progress meeting on behalf of Prof. Pat Utomi, would be holding at Golden Gates on the 10th of July, 2009. It’s a fundraising dinner organized for all who have interest in electoral reforms, and practical solutions to ensuring that the people we vote for in 2011 and beyond win! If …

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Prof Dora Akunyili and NNC

Yesterday night, I got an sms from someone yesterday that Dora Akunyili might actually be looking for the New Nigeria Club. That I need to get searching and find out exactly how to link up with her.  I took the information in my stride, showed a few colleagues with the intention of getting all the …

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