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Deolu Akinyemi

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The hottest news on the Nigerian landscape today, are the inner maneuvers of those who desire to rule or lead us. Please pardon my seeming use of tautology, there is a world of difference between ruling and leading, we might actually not know the difference, haven been ruled for too long! There is an ongoing battle for the steering wheel of Nigeria, a lot of young people are being lobbied in different directions, myself inclusive. The strange phone calls from people whose reputations you only knew, the show of appreciation for the efforts that are almost 10yrs old that never won any notice, the invitations to meetings with the who is who? Handshakes are fast becoming tight hugs, the battle for the soul of the nation, is done on negotiation tables for the hearts of it’s youth. 

Somewhere between the ages of 18 and 35 is the most populous age group in Nigeria, strong enough in numbers to decide the nations fate, but weakened by mentor forces who with non factual philosophies tie them into small knots. “I am for Jonathan”, “I am for Ribadu”, “I am for Atiku”, “I am for Buhari”, “I am for Pat Utomi”, “I am for John Dara”, “I am for IBB”, “I am for …who again?”, our youths have their affiliations formed, not from intense dialogue, not from a keen perspective of being the custodians of Nigeria’s future. Our votes go rather to sometimes the highest bidder, not necessarily who pays more cash, but who deposits more in our emotional bank accounts. Today, I declare, that R.S.V.P (Register, Select, Vote and Protect) is great but not enough. We must warn ourselves firmly, engage in dialogue and tell everyman and every woman his neighbor – D.S.T.V (Don’t Sell Tomorrow’s Votes)! Our selection process should not be selfish, we should think about tomorrow. We should rid ourselves of weak, excuse laden, non proactive philosophies – “our votes don’t count”, “the power of incumbency will win”, “politics is a money game”, “PDP will win”. We need to rid ourselves of these limiting believes, and begin to say -“We can chose our leaders, and who we vote for, will win”. We must begin to believe in the sovereignty of the Nigerian People!

What does Nigeria? What type of leader can deliver what Nigeria needs? What are the competencies required to do the Job? These people canvasing for our votes, who are they? What have they done? What is their track record? Who is the best based on required competencies? Do we have a chance in 2011 or are we being idealistic? How did these parading leaders handle the challenges of leadership in the past? What is fact, what is fiction? Is Jonathan going to be King, or is there a David? Is 2011 the rehearsal, or the performance? Can these people attend our meeting, talk to us and debate to win our votes and loyalty? Can we separate the contestants and be influential in regrouping them to win?

There are many questions we need to answer to ensure we do not merely sell our votes to their highest financial or emotional bidder. To this intent, we are organizing a National Youth Conference slated for the 8th of January, 2011. The Meeting will have 1,548 + 1000 influential youths in attendance taking 2 from each local government and 1-2 from each youth group (Students, Churches, NGOs, Advocacy movements e.t.c). The event is a fully sponsored event, and attendance is by influence. We will be having sessions with prominent credible and competent possible leaders. The selection of who to invite will be done at the Strategic Youth Conferences. Prior to the Jan 8th day, there will be 2 Strategic Youth Conferences at dates that will be disclosed to key participants, these strategic conferences will also be fully representational of the regions as key political influences will be featured. These meetings are going to be led by the New Nigeria Club (Duly registered with the CAC as the New Naija Club) and in collaboration with a number of other youth led initiatives. I will be getting across to a number of you, and for the sakes of let’s make things work, you can get in touch with me as well (Call Deola – 08054248015).

Believe me when I tell you that 2011 elections will be jaw dropping, it will not be business as usual. A lot of firsts will be witnessed in Nigeria and just in case you are wondering how, you can please refer to my article (prophecy) here. The New Nigeria will become a reality in our time, it’s not going to merely happen, we are going to make it happen!

Today is our opportunity to make tomorrow different and better, our votes are not for sale. We need to begin with the end in mind, what we do today, can make us not have much of a choice tomorrow. Tell your friends, R.S.V.P but D.S.T.V. 🙂

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