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Deolu Akinyemi

If you are in the UK, then you can make it a date at the 5th Annual Best of Nigeria Conference at EXCEL, the exhibition center at London Docklands. The New Nigeria Club will be showcasing some of it’s achievements and projects at stand 14.

Peter Oluokun and Rhoda Obeto are the main drivers of New Nigeria Club in the UK, and they are getting things done so well, that I am inspired. 

We talk a about Nigeria, the problems, we seldom talk about the solutions. Then we start talking about solutions, and seldom take action. Then we take action and seldom connect the actions together to make up systems that make the actions we take catalytic. The process of change must leave talk to action, must leave action to catalytic, and must leave the catalytic to the epidemic. What Nigeria needs is not another great idea, but another great execution.

In the UK, we have a team of Nigerians who are not waiting for NNC Nigeria to get things done, not asking why there are not discounts in the UK, and how come all the meetings are happenning in Nigeria alone or where they can get sponsorship for NNC UK programs. They have taken responsibility to make things happen in the UK, and things are happening. They didn’t have title confered on them, they took responsibility! I used to think staying in Nigeria was proof that you believed in Nigeria, but observing these people, I know that staying in Nigeria at times could get you complacent. You can get so used to the status quo, that you do not see a reason for change. There are Nigerians in Diaspora, who will contribute more to Nigeria’s development that some who sit at home and do nothing!

We are kicking off New Nigeria in all the cities in Nigeria, where there are willing leaders. Today all you might do might be sacrifice, but you will not miss your reward. I remember one day in my life, when the opportunity that I desired hung in a balance, and begged for me to present all I had volounteered to do in my life till then. When I came out of it all, I blessed God, that I had not been idle, but had spent my life in courses that proved ultimately important. No hero comes from oblivion, every hero arises from extensive moments of hardwork in the vineyards of obscurity.

We are kicking off New Nigeria Club in all Nigerian Universities, and are looking for leaders and a committed team of people who are willing to champion National reorientation and nation building from the schools. Where are looking for people who are not asking for spoonfeeding, but people who are willing to be responsible. Where are the leaders?

I’m writing from a hotel in Lagos, where I have managed to get locked up for the next 3 days. We started the sessions on how to solve the Nigerian problem around 1pm today, it’s been on of the most rigourous intellectual exercises I’ve been a part of in a long time. From Nicomachean Ethics, to Leviathan to the paradoxes of sovereignity to the debates about capitalism and freedom to equality and efficiency. It’s almost 11pm, and if I don’t want to look stupid tomorrow, I must read excepts from Lee Kuan Yew, the Prince, Shooting the Elephant and the Ones who walk away from the Omela’s, Long walk to freedom and How much land does a man need. It’s mentally painful, trust me :). I thought I was good, I met very bright young people today. Talking of which, I’m amazed, at how good as individuals we are as Nigerians, and how all our goodness doesn’t reflect on our nation. The answer is simple, we have given repsonsibility over to a system we openly do not believe in or support. We need to take responsibility, individually, and collectively. We need to stop discussing the problems, and start being a part of the solution.

Please join me again in celebrating Peter Oluokun and Rhoda Obeto of NNC UK. Nigeria will not forget you, I will not forget you – just tell me the ministerial positions you want, and for how many tenures :). Anybody interested in flying NNC anywhere else, please let emoreogho@gmail.com know, let us know here too, and feel free to get a template from the UK and Abuja team. NNC Abuja, I hail too oh!

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