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I want so say a big thank you for bearing with me in the last few days for my consistent inconsistency in updating this blog.  Travelling, being busy, or being out of internet coverage areas must never ever be good enough excuses anymore for me.  I will strive to ensure that I do not allow any of those to deter me any longer from ensuring that there are new things to read.

There have been a lot of new things, and the longer it takes to write them the more I fear that they moved down on the priority scale of what to write. I am yet to give a clear perspective and opinion about Mauritius and what I learnt on the trip. I haven’t also shared my perspective and timeless education available on the current saga of rusticated bank MDs. I haven’t commented on many things, maybe I should simply go to other forums where they have been talked about and back track here. Today however I want to answer a question someone asked me, “What does Adeolu Akinyemi want to achieve with the so many things he seems to be doing at the same time?” “Where is the convergence between, New Nigeria Club, Holidays and Cash Ltd, The Future Movement and so many other things that seem to be going on?” In this article I will share what I shared with him, and hope that some other people’s sincere questions will be answered.

The rallying point of all these initiatives is Freedom! I have come to discover that the ultimate pursuit of man is freedom.  All who have ever made it to become icons globally have done it on the merit of the pursuit of different levels of freedom for their communities and for mankind. Success is limited if it doesn’t bring freedom. The central theme that governs my life and present existence is to help as many people, organizations and nations that I will engage with become free! Man must move from dependence to independence to interdependence. Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Ghandi, Henry Ford and all those who I consider my role models were freedom fighters. Jesus, in whose steps I daily strive to walk,  came so that we may be free and free indeed, that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

How do all that I do converge around freedom? Let me show you from my perspective. There are 3 dimensions of  Freedom that I and my colleagues and friends currently pursue. In no particular order, they are Financial Freedom, Social Freedom and Political Freedom. In order to drive these effectively we have decided to leverage on 3 unique vehicles to drive each of the freedom dimensions. Each of them touch sides with the two others in small ways. Let me explain.

The New Nigeria Club (Social Freedom)

We attempted to blend all the aspects of freedom together with the New Nigeria Club. We wanted a social club that had the capacity to help people gain financial freedom and ultimately cascade into delivering political freedom for Nigerians. The concept, ideology and strategy on which the NNC took off is one that is deserving of awards. It’s won many recognitions and the approval of many highly placed Nigerians and Foreigners. We had a nice run for it, but decided to focus and employ other vehicles to achieve the other aspects due to constant request from majority of members. Our members believed and I also agreed, that blending financial freedom in particular with the core of NNC had a way of colouring our objectives. We had to work constantly against being percieved differently from our objectives because of the possibilities of reward for helping create social freedom.

Today however, the New Nigeria Club is absolutely focused on creating social freedom. The lead project the New Nigeria Club is focused on today is Project Save Cynthia. Cynthia is a secondary school girl in one of the public schools in Nigeria and it is very likely that she will fail her WAEC. Except you and I make a move to saving her. More details on this are available at You can save as many Cynthia’s as you would love to by donating a token sum of N5,000 – this takes care of Training for Cynthia’s Teachers, Training and Inspiration Session for Cynthia, A book for and Performance Appraisal system for Cynthia, A book and Performance monitoring for Cynthia’s teacher and Training and engagement of Cynthia’s parents. Aside of Save Cynthia, the NNC also has National Orientation Sessions, Charity Projects, Sponsorship and sholarship initiatives, Financial Intelligence Training and Community Development Drives. We are also in full support of project #lightupnigeria. You can become a member of the New Nigeria Club today by paying a non-refundable N3,000 annual fee and making a donation towards any of the clubs initiatives. The club has a loyalty identity card and accesses discounts for members from a number of organizations and opportunities.

The Future Movement (Political Freedom)

A few months ago, I was invited into a meeting that was meant to be the galvanization of change agents on the road to making the Nigerian 2025 Vision a reality. We met and we met again and again, the the meetings led to evolving an objective for the Movement. The objective is to deliver the right political leadership and enlightened followers. Enlightened followers to us meant people that are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave. We wanted the rigth leaders, and free followers.

The initiative for this Movement was spearheaded by Fela Durotoye and is currently being midwived and possibly highjacked by a community of change agents including Christian Love, Dayo Isreal, Gbenga Sesan, Modupe Oyekunle, Stephen Enada, Segun Awoyemi, Kayode Adeola, Busayo Akanro and my humble self to mention a few. The future movement is fast evolving into a people machine that will endorse one political party and many political office holders. Our target is 774 Local Governments. If our strategy can deliver the basics, we’ll not miss the essentials. You can join the future movement today online at and on facebook. You can also become an active volounteer and participant of the club by requesting for and picking up a membership form. The future movement is involved in a number of projects and serves as a formidable platform for a number of organizations. There are Project Vote Now, LIFE – Lawyers involved in Free and Fair Elections, LIFE2 – Leaders insisting in Free and Fair Elections,Transformational Leadership Census,FAITH-Followers Actively Involved In Translating Hope,

You can reach Christian Love on or 08034099248 for enquiries and details.

Holidays and Cash Ltd (Financial Freedom)

When I heard about the company, I stalled. I later decided to buy the product and not market. It took me 6 months to come back to my senses and give it a proper look. 95% of all humans will not become independent talkless of free. It would have been fair if we all have equal opportunities, but in most vocations in life, we don’t. With this business model however, we all have equal opportunities. This opportunity unlike many before it, is a leveller and an equal opportunity to financial freedom.

Is it legal, is it sustainable, does everybody have what it takes? Don and Nancy Failla with over 42yrs experience in Network Marketing and over 15yrs building just one network and with profiles that make them earn tens of thousands of dollars for 1hr speeches said that H&C is the best opportunity they have ever seen. They bought the products and  joined the opportunity! Professor Pat Utomi, one of Nigerias finest economists and egg heads is the Chairman of the company in Nigeria and also has the product and has joined the opportunity. Middle management, entry level, corpers, market women, senior management, CEO, Pastors, Politicians, house wifes, students we have all of them in the network. The only reason why anybody is not involved, is that they don’t understand it fully yet, but they will in time.

How does it work? It’s too long for this post… get in touch. Don’t be recruited, be sponsored. The difference is simple, the person who recruits you dumps you and leaves you, the person who sponsors you is available to help you until you also sponsor others and can do what he/she does. It’s a two way street, you also ask for support, knowing you will provide the same.

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  1. These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content so I happy to find many good point here in the post

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85 thoughts on “Freedom!!!”

  1. These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content so I happy to find many good point here in the post

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