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It’s Official – Naira is Devalued!

Dear Reader, Yes, it’s now official. As a fall out of the just concluded MPC meeting, the Naira has been officially devalued from 155±3% to 168±5% This means that the interbank rate and market rates are expected to see a jump of about N13±5%. This indicates that the pressure on the Naira is still on, and …

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A2W – August Double Jump!

Club 2. . . The Excitement is Just about to START!! I bet you didn’t see this coming. . . This August will be an historical month of great earnings and rewards as A2W introduces even more excitement to the table! All the requests and genuine problems have now been fixed and it’s jumping time! …

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A2W 30 Days Group Challenge

The highest level of maturity is interdependence. It’s the place where I dies and is replaced by WE! There is no telling how much more powerful than 2 individuals two joined people can be. Normal biology teaches us, that two people united can produce as many as 30 offspring if they keep going at it. …

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What is Wrong With Forever!

I got involved with Forever living products in the year 2001. It was marketed as a great extra income opportunity to me, and I hurriedly got involved together with my fiancée then, now my wife. We went for an opportunity seminar, and seem quite convinced it was a good opportunity. If you count the years …

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Nothing beats the feeling of watching the people over whom you have laboured getting it, demonstrating it, and leaving you totally speechless as they make significant progress. That very much summarizes my feeling as I watch speaker after speaker get up to speak. They all claim that I am their mentor, coach and trainer, but …

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Drive A2W Part-Time with 5-10hours Weekly!

Contrary to public opinion, network marketing is not going to solve your immediate financial problems. If you put the pressure of all your demands full time on a network marketing business, you will be frustrated and disappointed. A proper and sustainable Network Marketing business would not pay you income that will replace having a Job …

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Don’t Miss This!

“Question 2 for winning a Samsung GT-S3100 – How much MB allowance is required to access my account on gmail (i.e log in, read, compose and send a mail)” Please do not send the answers until you see question 3. Answers to be sent to seun.adelana at” I thought long and hard about the …

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Opportunities and Enemies – 2

Summary Of Live Rewards for Week Ending on 28/03/2010 Rank- Platinum Leadership Event Points: 597 Previous Reports Reward Type Period(22/03/2010 to 28/03/2010) Cycle Payments $5265.09 Matching Income $855.97 Fast Start Bonuses $0.00 Total $6121.06 In the last article I analyzed a few key elements to watch out for before participating in any “opportunity”. Interestingly, I …

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