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In the last article I analyzed a few key elements to watch out for before participating in any “opportunity”. Interestingly, I know that many who are analytical will not venture, and many who venture don’t analyze. Isn’t that strange? However I have decided to analyse the opportunities one by one, starting from the one I have the most authority to talk about, Holidays and Cash.

The table above is the statement of my earning on Monday morning. I have been earning constantly every Monday morning for the last 52 weeks plus now. It started small,  it has grown gradually and it’s still growing. The figure in the table above is certainly not the highest I have earned in a week, and it’s not the lowest as well. It’s just the most recent, and from the look of this week, it will exceed that figure as well. I also have had people who have earned more than me per week for many weeks and I have people who earn less. I am sharing this with you now, so that you can evaluate the opportunity for yourself and determine your goals before you start, if or when you start. I have been involved in some opportunities that made me enemies, this has made me great friends, good income and beamed the path into possibilities that are mind boggling for me. Let’s analyze together why this is not an opportunity that will make you enemies. You might want to refer to the previous article, since I’m going to be using the metrics defined there. Let’s go!

1. Corporate Governance

On Monday morning, I flew into Lagos from Port Harcourt as early as 9am to make a 10am board meeting before heading to Benin. The board meeting was an Holidays and Cash Ltd (Nig) board meeting. Chaired by Professor Pat Utomi, facilitated by my humble self, with a Legal Counsel and a Financial Consultant in sitting. It was an exciting board meeting as we shared the key issues, great  ideas, the milestones achieved and the future projects we are embarking on.   Corporate governance is key, and Holidays and Cash Nig is not paying lip service to it.

On the global scene, the founding partners have in less than 2yrs turned over a sizable part of the international company to Platinum leaders. Today there are more stakeholders involved than the team of 3 that founded the company, the structure is becoming so solid that it’s taking a life of it’s own, this means it is no longer seriously dependent on any of the founders.

On Corporate Governance I score Holidays and Cash a 9/10.

2. Product Value

In many meetings I have facilitated in the last 4 weeks, I have described the privilege pack to people and asked them to place a value on it. People have mentioned values ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 to simply priceless. I think the privilege pack is truly priceless. Is it the e-books worth $3,000 that you also have reseller rights to? Is it the mind blowing savings you can make off hotels around the world, and the discounts you can enjoy on flights – international and local? Is it the short stay offers that give you amazing less than have priced deals in exotic locations – can you beat a deal that offers you 3 exciting nights in Dubai – covering breakfast, 2 Buffet Dinners,  a Boat Cruise,  Desert Safari, City Tour and Airport transfers for N30,750? Can you beat the complimentary (FREE) vacation packages to Thailand or Las Vegas? Or is it the investment opportunities? Or you want to quantify the value of advertising your product for you for one year without an extra charge? Or the fact that the company adds new products to the privilege pack without warning you ahead about them? Or is it the local Nigerian deals or the deal with the biggest hospital in Asia?

I have  been a part of many opportunities, none beats the product value of Holidays and Cash, and it’s exciting that it’s a never ending growing list. I score Holidays and Cash 9/10 on product value.

3. Reward Plan

Holidays and Cash uses a binary plan. This is reputed to be the fairest model in the world! With less than 10 active direct referrals from me in 1yr and a modest earning of about $200,000, I do not know of any model that is so rewarding. I have been on boards, done 6 times in work in half the time, and none comes close. I have been involved in Unilevel and multilevel, these are good, but have some limitations.

Unlike board models where you qualify to earn what the board may not have produced, in this binary plan you actually only share profit. The model is good, and it’s a model that supports you to help your people without having to worry about yourself. Whatever you do for people no matter how far from you or how many countries away, ultimately helps you as well.

On Reward Plan I score Holidays and Cash 8/10.

4.  Renewals or Multiple Purchase

The perfect companies are ones that ensure you buy products regularly that contributes to unit volume sales, the near perfect require you to not make a one time purchase but at least renew yearly. Renewals and multiple purchases are sustainability indices. It means the company plans to be around on the long haul. It also forces the company to constantly seek means to improve their product to ensure people continue to find it attractive to renew.

Holidays and Cash has made it easy for people to renew by adding unbelievable value to the privilege pack. Many of the members do renew after 1yr, and many are qualifying to pay for their renewals with their earnings.

On Renewals or Multiple Purchase I score Holidays and Cash 6/10.

5. Product Cost

In the era where people easily compare Holidays and Cash with RVI, VIPexpress and so many high capital opportunities. Holidays and Cash is positioned as valuable without being cheap. At $250/yr Holidays and Cash retains it’s class and value proposition and helps people who don’t have millions to be a part of an opportunity that can create millions.

On Product Cost I score Holidays and Cash 8/10.

6. Mode of Engagement

Just this morning I received a call from all old friend about Holidays and Cash, he wanted to know if there was anyone who could take him through the presentation. I asked him who told him about it, and he mentioned he had been hearing about it since last year. In Holidays and Cash, we don’t force people, we don’t pressure people. We allow people an opportunity to go think about it. We even give people books and DVDs ahead to go and study and understand the possibilities. We even allow people to wait for 2-5yrs if that’s how long they need it to exist before they are sure it will be sustainable.

In mode of Engagement, I’ll score Holidays and Cash 8/10.

In the last one year that I have been actively involved in this company, I have enjoyed a number of privileges. I  have dined with Kings (literally), spoken to Politicians, been hosted by Bishops, rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty, and enjoyed the company of total strangers. I’ve seen nobodies become somebodies, I’ve seen people at their zeros turn to heroes.  In places where I was once welcomed at the airport with old cars, I’ve seen them transform into brand new exotic cars and Jeeps. I’ve been to the trenches, the low hotels in the backside of some communities, and I’ve seen the bests around. I have been overwhelmed with gratitude from different quarters, and challenged with solving customer service issues by people who once agree have remained forever friends. I have been involved in inspiring the aged, and motivating the young, the last one year has been most exciting and colorful leveraging on the use of this vehicle – Holidays and Cash. I have made new friends, added new families and my horizon has been broadened. Those are the good parts.

Nothing good is without it’s ugly sides,  oh yes! I have received the rejection of friends and allies who I thought would walk with me, an abundance of No’s have helped to refine my message. I have been developed by the quest to know more, to present better and to answer all questions. I have traveled more than most years, been in Studios more than ever in my life, been in the air for more than ever and stretched to new limits. I made a resolve, that nobody will stop me – friend or enemy. I will impact my generation and influence lives positively. I have resolved that I will not be involved with any opportunity that creates losers, even if distributors do not refer others, there must be value they personally can use and enjoy in the pack.

I have done a lot in the last one year, without many of my readers and friends. I have committed to do this for 10yrs and keep my eyes on what can be after I have ceased to work. There are so many exciting things in view – The new offices for the company in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt about to be launched. The Holidays and Cash Cooperative Multipurpose Society about to be launched and a variety of exciting possibilities all around the nation. Anybody can achieve a lot with this, if only they can see it. If this is not the first time you are hearing about this, please contact your friend who told you, if it’s your first time, then use my link to know more and be a part of this opportunity. My link is here!

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