It’s Official – Naira is Devalued!

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Deolu Akinyemi


Dear Reader,

Yes, it’s now official. As a fall out of the just concluded MPC meeting, the Naira has been officially devalued from 155±3% to 168±5%

This means that the interbank rate and market rates are expected to see a jump of about N13±5%. This indicates that the pressure on the Naira is still on, and we can expect these rates for a while.

The big question is what do we do in times like this? How can we be on the side of the divide that smiles during calamity? What does a wise ant do? Wisdom is the manifestation of long term thinking.

Here are my suggestions based on my understanding from the beginning of this year that winter is coming. These are my thoughts falling out from the current realities.

1. Don’t panic, everything is going to be alright! Staying confident holds big advantage to being able to think with a clear head and weather what’s coming. Hard times are merely a separator between the prepared and the unprepared, between those who will succeed and those who will fail. The force of our inside is what holds us from the challenges on the outside. Be afraid, but be strong!

2. Be plugged into a community or network! The best way to weather the winter is to stay together. If you are alone physically, you’ll shiver all night in the cold. If you are alone financially, this is when to expect the cold. The reason network marketing companies do well in these types of times, is because the more the uncertainty, the more we need others. I believe it’s misery that loves company. There is a camaraderie in knowing we are in it together. It’s also a good time to grow your network.

3. Ensure you are earning in dollars! This is really simple, if $1 equals N190 or 200 or more, then you need to ensure that your stock of dollars increases. If you buy dollars today, you have a little edge based on how low it can fall, but your biggest advantage is when you are plugged into where you earn that way, it means you are earning more for not doing more.

4. Stock up on essentials. The Naira slide will affect the cost of all imported materials, the proposed removal of subsidy will further affect transportation costs, and it’s coming to as basic as rice and stew. We don’t have the storage systems to store many things, but staple food should be available in your house in Bags if you can afford it. If you are doing business, it’s also time to hold stock as right now they can be sold at all time high prices.

How will this affect your A2W business?

For those who intend to fail, everything is an excuse for failure. For those who plan to succeed, everything is an opportunity for new possibilities.

However shaky economic times have historically produced a renewed awareness of the need to make more money. You’ll find people who were previously uninterested in your business are suddenly looking for new financial opportunities. They want a business that doesn’t require a lot of capital, allows them to establish their own hours and offers rewards that can grow faster than capital or labor requirements.

While many companies offer one of these 3, network marketing opportunities are the only ones who offer all 3. Take it or leave it, A2W operates as a platform that ensures that all conventional excuses can be done away with. While most companies offer a la carte, A2W is the only truly buffet offer in the market in Nigeria today. You can choose what you want, and leave what you don’t want.

Amazing Promotions are going on at the moment don’t miss them.

1. Even though the dollar prices are increasing, we have steadied the Naira prices till November ends. We have also kept to the promos. You can get into A2W for N40,000 with Economy pack and Gift Packs. You can get in at Full Pack with N65,000 or N70,000 depending on the additional promos you want to enjoy. You can also get in with a Premium pack at N250,000 and rake in a bumper harvest of A2W product at the same old Naira prices.

2. You can also participate in A2W Black Friday! Everything you buy from now till Friday qualifies you for an entry into A2W Black FRIDAY. A2W products and warehouse will be emptied at ridiculous prices. It doesn’t matter where you are, once you make payment on the Friday, your opportunity is secured! Contact your active uplines for details.

Success is not in not failing, it’s in not stopping! I consider it a privilege to be a part of so many people’s lives and to work through seasons of uncertainty together.

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi
For A2W Nigeria

Whatsapp: 08037228919

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