Why Slow and Steady Growth Wins the Race

Whether it’s our health, finances, career, or relationships, we often get seduced by the lure of quick fixes and overnight success. We want to believe those Instagram ads promising to make us fluent in French in 30 days. When the stock market booms, we jump in hoping to get rich fast. That crash diet helps …

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There is a flood in your future and a future in your flood

The night was dark, and the rain poured down in sheets as Noah stood atop the ark, looking out at the world below. It was a world that had once been his home, filled with friends and family who had mocked him and ridiculed him for his belief in the coming flood. But now, as …

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Hemorrhagic Stroke and Fixing Nigeria

 On June 21, 13 years ago, my mother aged 56 in Nigeria,  had a hemorrhagic stroke. On June 25, 2022, I watched a 59-year-old lady in Dubai,  have a hemorrhagic stroke. I wasn’t a witness to my mother’s, but I saw her at the hospital the day after. I was a witness to this one …

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There have been a few nagging thoughts in my head for a few hours. Thoughts around “Do people think?” “How do people think?” “How does the brain work?” “Does the human brain find it easier not to think” “Are there benefits to thinking?” “What difference will it make if we think more?” Well, what’s my …

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Romans Questions

Am I a devoted slave of Jesus Christ? Shouldn’t I be, if paul was? Rom 1:1 Did I receive a generous gift of life from God? Did I also receive an urgent task of passing it on to others? Am I living like this? Rom 1:5 Am I worshiping and serving God by spreading the …

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I must have had about 4 dreams tonight! I however cannot remember any of them! I can remember one thing though… each time I woke up the word that rang in my head was Disciple! This to me means, there is a lot of emphasis on this, that I am not aware of. I’m tempted …

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