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the rich man and his lazy son

The Rich Man and His Lazy Son

There once lived a rich businessman who had a lazy and fun-loving son. The businessman wanted his son to be hard-working and responsible. He wanted him to realize the value of labor. One day he summoned his son and said: “Today, I want you to go out and earn something, failing which you won’t have …

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Does God’s Kingdom Have Principles for Financial Increase?

Is it okay to be wealthy? What about having much more than what is needed to take care of your family? Is it wrong to drive hard bargains and seek money? What does it mean that it’s not possible to serve God and Mammon? Is it really going to be difficult for a rich man …

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The Most Important Revelations 2

I started this series last week, so if this is the first version you are reading, I recommend that you access the first article in the series here. We are in a quest to uncover important revelations and insights. The ones that have the capacity to change our lives visibly. The first point, is still …

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The Most Important Revelations -1!

What you are about to read, I authorize you to teach. What you are about to hear, you are authorized to share. If this information was as clear to me years ago, as it is today, I will be far away from where I am today. If you read this frequently enough, it will settle …

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A2W Pre-Launches “Our Shop”

On the 1st of July, 2011 Avenues to Wealth pre-launches an exciting phenomena called “Our Shop”! For all who care to listen, I have informed them over and over again, that Avenues to Wealth Nigeria is yet to start. We will start officially on October 1, 2011 when we commemorate our 3rd anniversary. If you …

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Do You Have a Heart for It?

Many of us desire greatness, we want our names immortalized, we want to live unforgettable lives. We don’t want to live our lives merely on the lower rungs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We want to live actualized lives, lives that have impact and that have the testimony of positively affecting others. We want to enjoy an abundance of …

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From Victim to Victor

“They didn’t tell me it was like this”, “I didn’t know”, “He deliberately deceived me”, “They made it look so simple”, “It’s his fault”, “It’s her fault”. There are many shades of excuses people give as the reasons for their failure. They all have one thing in common – they give the responsibility for their …

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Lessons from Thailand

I’m just returning from 10 amazing days in Thailand. The trip was not only thrilling and exciting it was enlightening. This was my first time in Thailand, but certainly not going to be my last. I have been to Turkey, Malaysia, UAE,  to Singapore, to India, journeyed to even amazing paradises on the indian ocean …

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It’s Time to Pray

The Polity in Nigeria is quite heated, friends are willing to quarrel over aspirants they did not know 4 months ago. Strangers are willing to mal-handle each other over aspirants they do not truly know. Everybody want’s their person to win, nobody wants to lose. Sometimes I play the video of my imagination past the …

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