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Deolu Akinyemi

It’s 3am in the city of Dubai, my flight leaves here today, and I need to be awake early as 6am to be able to wish the South Africans and the English a hearty good bye. I gave them the hugs already, but who says one hug is enough when you may not see until last week in March in SA or April in the UK :). There is no use reserving the best time of your life for the time when you can’t do most things. Now is life, the older you grow the fewer your options.  Enjoy your youth and prepare for your future.

I have a lot on my mind tonight, and a short time to say it. So I’m going to say it all in pictures, since pictures are a thousand words. I’ll capture a few of the events of the past few weeks, and basically summarize my lessons. Being in Dubai has been fun and exciting. It’s been a lot of great news, great progress and meeting of wonderful people. Remember, people matter a lot, time with them are your greatest investments.

Nokia Bloggers Forum

Was invited for a Nokia Bloggers Brunch by the lovely looking, heavily dimpled Sede (myleft), had an exciting time and an opportunity to meet other bloggers. Also had a great opportunity to meet with Nokia communications manager. Discovered that Nokia actually was more than just the phone, they had a few apps… one in particular you must lay your hands on is the GPRS mapping for Lagos, which is FREE. Got to hear about, their email service and a few of their apps. Guess I might be getting a heads up ahead of many as Nokia makes progress… watchout.

One key lesson I took from the event though, was not to base my consistency in writing on feedback. That many people are watching from the sidelines and being blessed. We must continue to do that which we find expression in, whether it feels like or not. If you noticed I have been writing a bit more frequently, I got that fire from the Nokia Bloggers Brunch. Thanks Nokia!

Interestingly I’m thinking we can have our next bloggers conference in April, my blog is clocking 5yrs this March, and I need to come up with a solution to celebrate it. I need things to give away.. laptops, flight tickets e.t.c.

People Lessons from the Platinum meeting in Dubai

Bishop and Pastor (Mrs) Katung were at the Platinum meeting, and of course as platinums. This is a quite comfortable man, he came with one of his pastors who is doing very well as a business man. What amazes me and endears me to these people is their humility. Their abilities to interact well with all of us and have fun as well. I didn’t know Bishop and Pastor (Mrs) before H&C, but knowing them is adding loads of value to my life. Never get to that place where you take yourself too seriously to enjoy your life.

These two ladies inspire me. The first lady is 65yrs old, she just turned platinum a few weeks ago! At 65yrs of age, this is the first holiday she has ever had in her life. She had never ever left South Africa all her live. She was a teacher before retirement, and in her words her dreams are coming true. How old are you and how far is your dream? You can still travel the world, you can still make it happen. She fell quite badly at the ski Dubai, but I’m proud of her, there is something about her spirit that wants to ensure that age is never her barrier in achieving success. The second lady is Mrs Motivated! I have not met many women who are so driven, when she speaks you can feel her energy. She is a lesson in getting to the top, stopping and starting afresh with new zeal.

I like this man, not too old to dream, and certainly not too old to have fun. He looks like Mandela and he has a big heart. He joined the business just to show some people that the business was legitimate.

I always saw the Ski Dubai, but never tried it. We got no choice however this time because it had been organized for us. Guess even though some of us are not doing badly, but doing new things and going after adventure is something we are lacking in. Skiing was fun, and watching other people fall and rise up was just so much fun.

Beware what you use to describe heaven for your kids… if you say it’s a place with loads of sweets and candy, they can confuse this place for heaven 🙂

I remember that when we married I couldn’t afford to give my wife vacation outside the town we did the wedding in… I promised then that I would make it up to her in the future. Thank you God, for giving me the grace to fulfill the promises.

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