Opportunities that will make you Enemies

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Deolu Akinyemi

I have been involved in a lot of opportunities in my life, I’ve always been entrepreneurial (mum’s blood), and people are usually puzzled when I talk about the things I have been involved with. I have sold bread and egg (when I was in secondary school), barbed hair, made greeting/love cards and bookmarks, co-owned and managed a dry-cleaning (wash, starch, iron and packaging) company. I have done transport business, bought and resold far produce and written certificates for a University. I have been involved in Mining, done network marketing ( and a few companies masquerading as such) and have even been involved in a few investment related businesses.

If there is anything that I have learnt, I have learnt that even though it’s good to pursue opportunities, there are opportunities that have the capacity to mess you up and destroy your integrity. These businesses are things one must do due diligence on, and get involved with clarity about what their future holds. I have held myself back from publicly sharing my thoughts on a number of companies, but please spare me today, as I share them with you from my perspective! I’m going to be like an economist in my analysis, offering you the facts and not necessarily taking sides. I confess that I am biased, I am heavily biased by experience, I am biased based on the people I have seen and the woes that they share. Please get my verdict here once and for all on TVI,  Travel Access Club, Holidays and Cash, High Street Market.Forever Living Products, Tianshi, VIPexpress, RVI, Questnet, 5linx, e.t.c.

If I attempt to write about each of them in detail, the way I know and understand them, I’ll end up writing an awfully long article. That will be counter productive as many do not like to read lengthy posts. I’ll rather however give you a few watch outs, and trust that before you get involved in an opportunity that will create enemies for you, you at least ask those ahead of you who can offer you sincere truth.

Here are a few things to watch out before you become a part of any “opportunity”

1. Corporate Governance: A la, who owns the company? Are the owners willing to be known? Is it just one owner? Is the company registered locally in your country? Has it grown big enough to be? Who are the credible backers of the company? Is there anybody worthwhile willing to attach his/her name to the opportunity?

If the owners are not known, it’s a serious danger sign, they are hiding because they’ll need to hide soon. If it’s just one owner, there is no governance, on the day they get greedy, the money goes with them. If the company has become sizable in your country and it’s not registered it’s a red flag. If there are no notable backers, only be a part if all the other questions are answered. Companies die most of the time not because of the ideas, but because of the people behind the ideas. It’s not the idea that counts, it’s the manage of the idea that counts. Getting involved in any company where these questions cannot be answered is gambling, and getting involved in an opportunity that will ultimately make you enemies. You can score the above opportunities based on this matrix.

2. Product Value : Will you pay for this product even if there was no reward? Is the product worth more than what I’m asked to pay? The people I’m getting involved who may not market, are they getting real value for their money? Or are we playing a money game where we all use money to buy slots in a board and take advantage of being the first to know?

If the product is not valuable enough for people to buy without reward, then it’s a money game. RUN far from it. If I’m paying more for the product than my estimate of it’s worth, then it’s a scam. The product makes the business legitimate and makes it such that nobody can loose. Everybody enjoys value from what he/she bought.

3. Reward Model: Is it a board? Is it binary or is it unilevel?

If it’s a board, it will work well for months, some years, if the owners are not greedy many years, but it will make you enemies on the long run. I’ve been there, trust me, I even bought the T-Shirt. Boards, for many reasons are ultimately going to leave many losers, create an opportunity for people to cheat the system, and ultimately make you enemies.  I can give you details if you really need to know.

4. Renewals or Multiple Purchase: Does the company ask you to make a one time purchase and that’s it? Or are you allowed to either renew or purchase different PVs?

Illegitimate schemes have one thing in common, all you need do is buy once, and that’s all. Meaning the only source of income is new recruits. These schemes usually do not stand the test of time. Look rather for an opportunity that involves some form of renewals, this means they plan to give you enough reasons to say you want to continue. If there is no renewal, there is not likely to be any business after a while.

5. Product Cost: How much is the product worth? Are you required to pay for many years ahead at once? Are the numbers in millions?

Good things cost, but not comparing $250 to $10,000. If you have a lot of money, you may need to look at investing into real estate and other vehicles that require that type of input. If you however want to start from wherever you are, you should be willing to start small. The cost of participation has a direct impact on who can join you in the business.

6. Mode of Engagement: Is there too much pressure for you to join, and now? Is there unnecessary pressure mounted on you to make a commitment? Is it now or never?

If there is too much pressure to join now, Run for dear life! All who have followed through on many of these paths rarely have good stories to share on the long run.

These are a few indices that if you measure any opportunity by, will show you the future of the opportunity. I have been a part of  one for the last one year, and more than anytime of my life, I’m receiving thank you mails, sms and calls. People are grateful, the good thing is, I am too. I am grateful that even though I had missed it before, I’m glad to get it and to be the one telling all the people I led astray about the way. It’s a privilege, a rare one! It’s been long I’ve been absent online, I’m currently in PH, and I’m glad to write again.

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