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Deolu Akinyemi

Those who contend for the soul of this nation, are not not resting on their oars. Underneath the obvious is an evil spiritual force fighting for the right to steal, kill and destroy the soul of this Nation. The Masters command to his disciples is not to disciple individuals, but to make disciples of Nations. God is interested in National influence and discipleship, the alignment of people groups is more important to him than the alignment of individuals. The shameless events being perpetrated by those who will stop at nothing to exert influence over this nation is disturbing, and even though we are in the season of ACTION, we are in that time as well, when we must pray. Trust me, prayer ranks high on our to do list, cause there is nobody there today to engage, nobody to walk against or publish anything about.

It’s not as if we haven’t been praying though, I only doubt if we have all been praying about the right things, I also doubt if we have the full picture about prayer. True prayer must be backed up by receiving action. Elijah prayed earnestly that it would not rain and for three and a half years it did not rain. It took another fervent prayer to release the clouds, before the clouds made sense he ran, he was sure that God doesn’t store prayers. When Jesus decreed about the fig tree, it wasn’t go and come back, it dried up!  The true measure of prayer power is not length, it’s function. Today is not the day of diplomacy or standing in the middle, today is the day to take a prayer stand, backed up with the willingness to surrender ourselves to the process of answered prayers. Please circulate this far and wide, this is prayer with ultimatum, this is the time where we back up our prayers with oaths and a fast until our eyes see that which our soul desires. Here are the prayer points.

1. Pray that the powers contrary to God’s, holding Nigeria to ransom will be displaced, and their ministers put to public shame.

2. Pray that the military forces that are about to be employed to sabotage this nations destiny will collide with themselves and make a mess of themselves, that in the places where they gather to collaborate they shall be thrown into confusion.

3. Pray for Harvest, that all who have perpetrated evil in Nigeria should enter into their season of harvest. Pray that God brings this to past hastily!

4. Pray that God will reverse the coup plot that has already happened, that the military leaders will self destruct.

5. Pray for Jonathan Goodluck, that God will grant him courage to execute all the power brokers that heaven has already executed. The he will be able to execute the already declared judgement and bring the axe to bear on the root of all the appropriate people.

6. Pray, that everyone who slacks in executing the desires of heaven over Nigeria will suddenly lose their throne and relevance, while it becomes available to one who will steer Nigeria into its destiny. Declare in the realm of the Spirit, Jonathan, you have less than 3 days to act! Are you the one, or do we await another??

7. Pray that like the Children of Israel, God will deliver the soul of the New Nigeria from this old and decaying debris. That God will kill all the firstborn of the people occupying the spiritual positioning of Egypt, that they will lose all their resources to the New Nigeria, and will be afflicted by many plagues.

8. Pray that Nigerian acting leaders will not miss this small window of opportunity that has been created to finally put Nigeria on the right track. Pray that God will deliver us from the spirit of sluggishness and inaction.

There is so much more I desire that you pray, but this is enough for now. This is not the time to complain or lament. It’s not the time to analyze and paralyze. It’s not the time to wish and hope. It’s true that the military is deploying and acting as if there is already a coup, it’s true that the nation seems at the mercies of an unelected presidents wife. This is time however to pray. Not prayers of God let their be peace – at this time that’s totally praying in error (read Jeremiah 29). Those who pray prayers of peace at this time are false prophets. The soul of Nigeria must be delivered by violent action.

{Ojo nlo, Jonathan!, ma na gere, soji, jasi asiko re ni yi oh}

You who are destined to take position, do not slack. These are no mere prayer points, this is a declaration that those for whom it’s been created need only step into the scene! Selah.

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