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From a collection of small villages on the shores of the Dubai creek; historically a pearl diving village and one of the Arabian gulfs foremost trading centers, Dubai is now one of the most modern cities in the world, the destination for intelligent property investors, it is home to some of the most breath taking buildings and prestigious projects.

The bursting metropolis, the towering skyscrapers, multilane express ways and double decker roads, Dubai is clearly a business hub and the commercial capital of the region. with world class shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, Dubai is a city of the future.

Home to some of the most unique masterplans in the world, like the palm islands, the burj dubai – the tallest tower on earth, and the 7 star burj al arab the most luxurious hotel in the world. Dubai also boasts of the worlds richest horse race, superb golf courses (Tiger Woods and Ernie Els already have private gulf estates with property for prospective buyers) and the prestigious Dubai shopping festival and will soon have Dubai Land the region’s ultimate fun and entertainment destination.

The key investment opportunity in Dubai today is properties.

Reasons to Invest in Dubai Property Now.

Dubai is a happening city today, and an exciting wonder for the future. With a scope and scale unparalleled anywhere else, the growth of Dubai has resulted in an economy that embrassses much more than oil revenues. The world’s fastest growing economic sector, travel and tourism, has become the primary focus of Dubai. Also her friendly investor and business policies (tax free, easy residency, e.t.c), have seen companies like Haliburton relocating from their home countries to Dubai.

1. Inexpensive. Current prices are inexpensive compared to other similar trading hubs in the world. These are cities like, Hongkong, Singapore and Newyork.

2. Return on Investment.

a. The capital appreciation of Dubai Properties is mouthwatering, studios in international city that were going for AED200,000 as at September 2006 are currently going for over AED400,000. With the developmental target of most of the properties in Dubai slated for 2010, it is expected that we’ll see even better appreciation in the months ahead.

b. The returns from rentals is also very good, this is because they have policies in place governing how much returns a landlord should make as a minimum.

3. Properties for Life. Non Indigenes of Dubai are currently allowed to buy freehold or 99year leasehold properties in certain areas of Dubai, this became allowed only from 2002. Freehold properties are properties built on freehold land, this means that the property belongs to you for life and can be handed over as an inheritance, while 99yr Leasehold, makes the land yours for 99yrs.

4. Residence Visa. Buying Land in certain Freehold areas in Dubai entitles the buyers to residence Visa’s in UAE (not just Dubai). This means you can have a current account in Dubai, and have access to all associated benefits.

5. No Tax. There is no property or capital gains tax for Dubai properties, this makes it particularly attractive.

6. Exclusive Structures. A good number of the properties in Dubai are worldclass and exclusive, some are award winning masterpieces. Buying property in Dubai gives you access to some of these.

7. Flexible payment plans. You can pay in installments with a flexible payment plan that is a function of clearly agreed milestones. Mortgage is also available to non residents. With as little as $3000 or 5% of the cost of a property, you can secure booking for a property. There are several mortgage institutions that can give as much as 65% loan/mortgage at single digit interest to non residents, and better deals await you when you become a resident.

Revving to go?… not just yet, there is still a lot more that you need to know and I’ve been able to convince the Dubai Property Agents to provide this information for free as a bonus on attendance of another seminar. Yeah… there is a good plan. In case you want to call to inquire ahead the Number to call is 08033181223 (Ezzy)

Ecash Invest – 16th September, 2007

Many people have been clamouring for another seminar on Ecash Invest. Ecash Invest Seminar will be holding 2-4pm on the 16th of September, 2007 at Elomaz Hotel for a token of N2,000 if you pay before the date, and N3,000 if you pay on the day. The ecash-invest seminar will detail how the program works together with a coincise seminar on how forex trading is done by a first class Forex trader -Cliff Clark. As a bonus to this, you’ll get a full presentation of real projects you can be a part of in Dubai. There will be sits for 150 people, and only the first 100 to book will be allowed to be a part of the free Dubai opportunities Seminar. To book for this pls contact Felix Ekpa on 08023163645 or felixmails22@yahoo.com for further details on how to pay.

Billionaire In Training, Dubai – Oct 18-22, 2007

Another opportunity for participating in Real Deals in Dubai is the Billionaire in Training Course in Dubai. We are not only giving you access to learn about it, we are taking you there. The course is the best financial intelligence course I’ve seen, we’ll play cashflow 101 together, listen to some short seminars, get deals from some companies in Dubai and take the opportunity to have a life changing tour of what our Nation Nigeria can be. Key highlights would include, a Dinner boat cruise on Dubai Creek, Desert Safari, The National Museum, Wild Wadi Water Parks, Ski Dubai and a visit to the Gold Souk. There are 40 seats for this training, and the costs involve Course Fees, Accommodation and Feeding (optional) and Travel (Optional). For more details about BIT and a copy of the brochure pls contact Emore Ogho on 08051104008. The seats will be filled first come first serve and the course cost will vary from N50,000 to N80,000 depending of date of booking.

180 Degrees Seminar – 29th September, 2007

If all you have seen about me is this website, then you need to be available for 180 Degrees. It’s going to be a 2000 people forum, and a place of exchange of ideas and concepts that will help many people position for the opportunities ahead. It is a reorientation seminar, and will feature some of the best developmental speakers, musicians and a tint of comedy. It will hold in the Bamoral Hall at Oregun and will only cost N1000 to N2000 depending on timing of booking. This information will be made available shortly. Presense at this forum will put you on our mailing list and key you in for the next one year as the first to know and hear about a wide range of opportunities. Our hope is to raise an army of people that will spread the word for this program and push it. If you are interested, call 08056568182 or mail o.daramola@generissolutions.com to indicate interest in being amongst the volunteers, promoters or participants.

I’m still on vacation, and will be filling you in, on my discoveries about South Africa. The pictures for Dubai are still being loaded online, I’ll give you the URL Shortly. Don’t be overwhelmed, ACT!

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