Is Success Easy?

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Deolu Akinyemi

Once upon a time, there was a very rich king who had a very beautiful daughter. This daughter was so beautiful that she was the desire of every prince for hundreds of kilometers, the toast of the rich, and the dream of the poor. The princess was so lovely and well mannered she was simply out of this world.

The king knew that finding true love for his daughter would be a problem, so he decided to set up a competition to decide who would marry his only daughter and consequently reign as king after him. He decided to fill his big swimming pool with 40 hungry crocodiles. He set a day for the competition and informed all the choice men around town, that the man who would have his daughter’s hand in marriage is one that would be courageous enough to swim through the pool of crocodiles, come out alive at the other end, and be the first to do the same.

The crowd of aspiring and choice young men piled in front of the house of the king… not to participate in the competition, but to see who on earth was daring enough to face such a challenge. They gathered all day and mocked that none would marry the kings daughter, laughter, gossip and wonder filled the air when all of a sudden the heard a splash! A young man frantically swam for his life as crocodile crossed over crocodile in an attempt to have a bit at the moving prey. He dodged, went under, came out, and swam forcefully forward. After what seemed like forever, he came out from the other side of the pool, grabbed the side wall and threw himself out of the pool towards the waiting loving arms of the kings daughter. The man was panting furiously, the king was astonished, and the daughter touched. Everybody waited patiently to hear the first thing that they young man would say as the king looked so proud of him, and so excited about finding a new heir.  The young man burst out, somehow in a quest for vengeance, “Who pushed me?!!

Did you get it? If you did, there should be a little smile across your face. The reason why it sounds funny is that it’s not normal. People don’t usually ask who pushed them when they succeed, that question is reserved as an excuse when men fail to achieve. They look for the next person to lay the blame on. It all started from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, when Adam responded to God, “The woman you gave me, gave me and I ate”, that statement his the first finger pointing event ever, and it has continued till date. Human beings find it so difficult to thank, but so easy to lay the blame.

One of  the goals I had at the beginning of this year, was to help 40 people become millionaires in Naira. I currently know very well over 40 people that have a net worth of over 3million Naira who believe I’m part of their success story. Maybe I pushed them or offered a helping hand, they succeeded because they could swim the crocodile infested river of life through, and they needed a little push. In the same vein, some people think otherwise, they think I pushed them into the river to be supper for the crocodiles. Just today, someone came to my office, thanking me about how much his life has turned around and how much more an achiever he his because he met me, and just today as well, I got a mail from someone I have never seen claiming that I made success look so easy because I am lucky, and that I pushed her into clubfreedom and she is now stuck and she hates me.  The same clubfreedom that people still join everyday and some friends call me wicked for not telling them earlier. Guess you win some, and you lose some.

For the records however,  success is not easy, you need to have a dream, back it up with a strong desire, match it with action and persevere.  That applies to every area of life. The world doesn’t meet anyone half way. One of the first baby steps towards success in any endeavor is personal responsibility. When I resigned from paid employment early last year, I made up my my mind that it depended on Me… not my employer, not Nigeria, not my father, ME. I together with my people have submitted over 500 proposals, have been turned down, been tired and had  thought of giving up. Today, I got a call from 3 different departments in of one the leading Telecoms companies in Africa alone to come run training for them at reasonable multiple cycle equivalents. The heights attained and those ahead are not by sudden flight, they require patience, faith and perservance.

My weakness is care, genuine care for people. In that light, I am willing to invite for free to Sunday the 16th’s Ecash Invest seminar at 2pm in Elomaz Hotel anyone of my downlines who feels he/she is stuck. Only book ahead with Felix, 08023163645. I’ll be willing to offer either a refund or solution (whichever is preferred) to anyone who also believes I am responsible for their plight. I will also be offering to teach people who have such people how to do the same. We can truly live and let live. One man’s success does not require another’s failure.

To take over in out nation, and steer it to the future we desire, it will require building networks, growing wealth and utilizing timeless values. We can’t do it as single tree, we have to do it as a forest.  Nothing good comes easy!

FYI – I’m back from Vacation now, and I have plenty of good mouth watering gist from South Africa -trust me, you can take advantage of some very very interesting opportunities. I’m working on developing a mailing list from emails of people who offer comments on this blog to circulate some of the information.  Not everybody values free good information.

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