On Nigeria and the elections – I dey God side!

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Deolu Akinyemi

On Nigeria and the elections – I dey God’s side!

If e make sense to you, good
If e no make sense to you, great

Atikulated supporters are strangely quiet! Not articulate
DisObedient supporters are bullies! Far from Obedient
BATtle supporters are opportunists! Not Bailable (Balah blu)
Kwakwanso will soon take one side! He wan cancel

If anybody drags me for my views, it will likely be Obidients
They somehow think anyone who doesn’t support them is wrong
In fact, anyone who is neutral is evil,
It’s either you see the world from their prism, or you are not seeing it correctly.
No worry, all the prisms go soon cast!
Last last, everybody will chop breakfast!
If PO does not do enough to win, he would have helped Atiku lose to BAT
So either you drive this to a tipping point, or na BAT side you dey

Nothing you say about Atiku gets any backlash online
The articulated of 2019 has parted ways with PO
Atiku’s biggest enemies are the ones who broke camp with him
In an election where the north was not meant to feature
Atiku makes himself a candidate daring the nation
He is about to lose the 6th and hopefully last time
The insect that mostly eats the vegetable is on the body of the vegetable

The Tinubu camp is in the middle space of opportunity
The loss of Aitku – PO, is his greatest gain.
He was fighting an equal, only for the equal to be divided into 2.5
He enjoys the force of plenty of self-interest
He is, however, riding on a Muslim ticket
An insult to RCCG, DLC, Winners, and Christ Embassy
These four alone control enough votes to empower an alternative
But the church leaders are docile lambs, too gentle
Those who have influence are using it for fasting
Not for blocking their votes.
Truly only God can save Nigeria—no man of influence.

Kwakwanso’s position looks strategic to me.
If he goes ahead, he will divide northern votes, showing his support for BAT.
If he decides to step down at all, then it is to consolidate Northern votes for Atiku.
But Kwakanso cannot hope for it to be his turn ever and support Atiku
Except the bid is high enough and higher than the others

Then we have the 5G of PDP
.These can give PO a boost, further decimating Atiku
Or they can swing further away, creating a huge following for APC
All these are left to be seen.

Then there is the side of the Presidency.
Which side is the president on?
Is he neutral? Can he be?
A win for BAT humiliates the President out of office
A win for PO will make him seem a hero to some
A win for Atiku will be north to north, Muslim to Muslim, scary
The front runners are badly composed

By my human calculation, everybody supporting anything but Atiku is for Tinubu.
But how can any lover of Nigeria vote for Atiku?
Eight years of Northern rule followed by another eight years of Northern rule?
What if by miracle, PO wins? That will be an awesome miracle, right?
Is there any harm in keeping hope alive?
No harm if you are an Arsenal fan.
That way, you can be all for your team and be alright even if you don’t win.

My own prayer for Nigeria is that God’s will be done!
I pray that God intervenes and answers my prayer the way He wants.
Yes, My candidate is currently not on the ballot.
I surrender!

Silent waka pass is good, dragging me is also not bad
In 4 days, we will analyse it again.

What do you think?

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