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Deolu Akinyemi

The wake of 2009 leaves the avid investor with some not so shocking realities. Not so shocking because the highs of shocks of 2008 have left some dead, and the ones that are alive have either given up or are still looking for what to do. Some Nigerian investors have committed suicide while some oil barons are currently in mental hospital. In case you are however new to all these and why, then let me do a little education for you.

I know some people that as at this time last year, could value their portfolio in the NSE for example at N200 million. The same stocks valued now are averagely at N50 million. Technically, peoples money currently occupy about 25% of their initial investments. I have also heard of veteran oil magnates and also novices, who the downtrend in the stock market led into oil and gas sales. Due to the sudden bottoming out of oil prices, I have heard of people with debts they may not be able to pay. I gathered as well that the exposure of the banking sector in all these is approaching digits that 10yr olds might call uncountable.

The Stock market has left people with the aftertaste of the proverbial issue that farts in one’s mouth and puts salt in it. You can’t lick the fart and you can spit out the salt. {Oro naa so si ni lenu, o tun buyo si, iso niyi, ko se pon la, iyo niyi ko se tu danu}. Or how do you explain the fact that you put 1 million somewhere and now you have N250,000 there? You’ll be reluctant to sell, hoping it will go up, at the same time you’ll see many opportunities you should use money for, it’s a really confusing state for many. The oil market experienced the bull for a while, then began to bottom out as well. With the headlines making the dailies about real estate, it seems that the crash of that sector from a mortgage point of view is threatened. The exchange rate between the Naira and the dollar is also currently hinging on market forces, electronics and imported product stores have started pricing up, accomodation costs are on the increase. In this midst of this yam pepper scatter scatter {isu ata yana yana}, how can people make money in 2009? If you want to know, then you might be interested.

Last year has taught majority, infact all of investors that there is no security in any particular vehicle. Even the “Real” Estate is not so real. As people lick their wounds from virtually secure investments,  an apathy for invesments will gradually lead to risk appetites beginning to soar, particularly when it doesn’t require commiting so much funds. Someone haven experienced a loss of N800,000 for example, is not likely to see a big deal in an opportunity for N100,000 with promise which may win or lose.  The question on most lips now, is what are the alternatives, what else can people make money from in these times that makes sense?

The fund managers have learnt to be conservative, they now promise something close to what the banks can deliver, and that too with a pinch of salt. The naira on it’s own if kept in the bank however does not have the capacity to deliver it’s value in a few months, as the naira slide is affecting the cost of our importation market – which is virtually everything. If you read the article I wrote on Economic Depression 1, you probably can understand the definition of these times. Yet in the middle of that time, abundance came – It invovled a people process – Collaboration, Lepers, Courage, News, Economic Activity, War e.t.c. 

We are putting together a variety of meetings to share some thoughts and ideas about these concepts and to show clear paths that should yeild financial results this year.  You might want to make yourself available for one or all of these meetings.

1. Breakfast Meeting at Sheraton:  Genuine International Business Opportunity Meeting. 8:00-9:00am, 24th January, 2009.  There are only 100 available spaces and the event costs N5000. Covers Light Breakfast and Conference Materials. Meeting with Top Business Leader from Austrailia, International Business Leader from Nigeria and myself – Adeolu Akinyemi.

2. Billionaires in Training Session with Emmanuel Utomi: 11am – 4pm, 31st January, 2009. There are only 30 available spaces, and the event costs N10,000 per person and N15,000 per couple. It’s an opportunity to unwind, meet with people from other organizations and gain financial intelligence. The feedback from this event in particular has been phenomenal. Don’t miss it.

3. Starting with as little as N3000: 3pm -5pm, 11th January, 2009. 3rd Floor Onigbagbo House, beside Bola Memorial Anglican Church, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja Lagos. It’s an opportunity to hear about great opportunities you can be a part of this year starting from N3000 and a Meeting with Adeolu Akinyemi and Debo Adejana. It’s FREE.

4. Financial Empowerment for Ajegunle: 6pm -7pm, 11th January, 2009. Uncommon Man Network Place. Ajegunle. It’s an opportunity to meet with Praise Fowowe and Adeolu Akinyemi. A meeting about opportunities that low income earners can participate in. FREE

5. Club100: A meeting of top notch 100 professionals who have strong interests in taking charge –  Financially, Politically, Spiritually or Socially. We need to brainstorm together and work it out. The plan for now is to get 25 people, we can build and find others from there. No meeting time yet. Interests are welcome however.

If you are interested in any of these. Please send an email to or send a text to 07056197092 indicating your interest and the particular one that interests you.

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