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Deolu Akinyemi

1. Access to Kings

I woke up very early yesterday morning, earlier than I usually would, to leave my house for 5am and head for the Airport. I was going to meet Fela Durotoye and Bunmi Ajagbe a member of his team, on our way to see the Minister of Education in Abuja.  

It ended up being a fulfilling meeting. Our objectives met with favour, and it was a good learning experience for all of us and me in particular.  I didn’t clamour to go see the minister, I was invited to come, that felt good and like the fulfillment of desires. The day went well.

2. Being a Blessing

Three days ago, I had the pleasure of going back to my alma mata. It was a seminar for freshers, I was invited to talk about Academic Excellence and Entrepreneurship. I had walked the road they now walked, I spoke to them from my heart and gave them an opportunity like I had some years back to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and saviour. Over 30 (my colleague said 50-80) of them stood up to take a decision to confess and accept the Lordship of Jesus. 

I was delighted, and glad. I have goals for the year on the number of people I want to witness to, and the number of people I wanted to mentor.  The day was good and exciting.

3. Living My Dreams

Just today, a mail went out to Nairahost clients, and to me as well, that I have been assumed the position of the CEO of Nairahost Nig Ltd.  Nairahost is currently Nigeria’s number 1 hosting company (thanks to Kayode Muyibi, Emmanuel Oluwatosin and Seun Olajide) and is about to become 4yrs old in March.  Towards the end of last year, I started getting a strong impression in my spirit that my unique tag and brand this year was the internet, international, and impact. The talks, deliberations and negotiations on investment took some time, but today, I’m officially the CEO for Nairahost. From Number 1 in Nigeria, my dream is to put a significant gap between us and number two,  keeping that position this year, while I position to conquer Africa in 3yrs.

Today is a good day, and I’m aligning with God’s direction for my life. I’m currently still on top of  other businesses that I’m agressively developing other people to take over. Today is still a great day and I’m enthused. 

4. Money

This evenning I discovered that an amount of money I had kept almost idle somewhere had gained about 40%  in a little over 1 month. I also discovered that a business opportunity I just got involved with had earned me a sum I didn’t know had been accruing in my dormiciliary account.  Some transaction I had been trying to make got successful today. Today, I aslo got wind of an opportunity that can make the next 3 months, months of some level of financial bliss. 

Today is a great day, full of hope, full of promises, full of answers and very relieving.

5. Relationships

Strangely this morning, when I got to the office, I decided we should have a meeting. Someone was just so happy and so in a singing mood, that I actually just asked him to lead us in praise and worship. I have great God fearing people that I work with, I spend the most of my day with them. They are all people going somewhere with great destinies. We have been prunning for a while, deliberately and with God’s help. We are getting into the mould and number that we need to be to bring the heavens down, gradually. I also got a few calls from my friends, some that are closer than brothers, and some that are far away, but so so close.

I love these folks, will do anything within my power to see them succeed. Seeing them, I see possibilities, I stare passionately into the known future. Our destinies are side by side.

6. Family

I just got home now, and got the regular screaming welcomes of my daughter and son. My daughter, though just 4yrs old, screams daddy and runs excitedly everyday, while his younger brother learning quite fast also screams (yiii) and does some kind of drum dancing. I get a lot of great commendations and comments all day, but they are my biggest fans. They have no reason to applaud me, they have no clue why they are celebrating me. I love them. My children are collectors items, the bible says they are for signs and for wonders.

I need to finish this post and go play with them… it’s getting late. On the family end, I’m happy and excited as well.

I look at all these areas of my life, and ask myself what is the most important. Is it Money? Is it Family? Is it Being a Blessing, Living one’s dreams, Relationships or is it Access to Kings? 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t pray that God asks me to pick one :). But if I could arrange it all in my order of priority, I would say I want my my family to be one with me, in being a blessing. I would want to harness my great relationships, to live my dreams, access kings and make good and clean money :). This year, my goals and aspirations, are centered around being a blessing, mine will come!

What about you?

NB: Just 1 min before sending this post… I got a buzz from someone giving me a gift of an all expense paid, 7 days vacation. Yes, I want that too.

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