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Deolu Akinyemi


Yeah, you read the title well. It will seem so shameful to some, but I watched it. 🙂 Let me say clearly for starters though, that watching that movie was not a natural impulse for me, but haven watched it, and the way my mind works, I have no regrets.  Jennifa, Starring Funke Akindele (tell her to contact me for an interview – should be interesting) is interesting to watch. Buy and watch, don’t watch it on facebook, let the artists prosper!

Jennifa was a slightly exaggerated and humorist view of what is happening in our society. It is also moral in the traditional yoruba kind of way – as the traditional yoruba stories always have a lesson for you to learn. Jennifa has tipped as a film, I started getting interested one day when I saw about 30 people of different ages, mostly ladies gathering at a bus-stop steering at a TV set on the street. I thought they were watching football, but as I drove past, I saw they were watching Jennifa. Haven watched it, I’m somehow happy they did watch it, and I’m happy for the team that put it together that their movie sold. There were some observations I made however in my special watch, and some lessons I want to crystallize.

A good number of the things that happened in Jennifa are things I’m aware are going on with ladies in our higher institutions and in society. Jennifa has interestingly brought them to limelight. Please bear with me as it may seem I’m a swinging a little towards the ladies side today, obviously its because this is based on Jennifa. Sadly however, guys, some of us are the cause and the drivers of most of these issues.


Please if you are a parent and you have daughters in school, please pay close attention to these, these are the current facts. We pray for change but these things are no mere jokes, they are happening for real. The first line are observations from the movie, and the others, just a few thoughts from moi.

1. A good percentage of our tertiary institution students don’t speak good English. 

I have interfaced with over 10,000 students as candidates, and please take my word for it. Witnesses?

2. There are many people in school who have been there for years, that are not students of that school or anyone at all for that matter.

I have personally hosted a lady that agreed with me that she lives in Oduduwa hall in Ife, after she mistakenly claimed to me to be a student of OAU. Can I have a witness on the net?

3. Most nights in school, you see lots of flashy cars, even in far away schools where you think social civilization is centered around the schools. Most of those cars are owned by Aristoes – Older men with pot bellies who have come to pick up ladies.

hmmm. Witnesses?

4. Tertiary institution ladies have become regular accessories for any party happening in town.

I have personally seen luxurious buses in schools packed full of ladies being sourced for a party 2-3hrs away from their campuses. I have heard of corporate functions and end of year parties loaded with campus “Bigs Girls”. I have heard of a Bank regional heads meeting, where campus babes were used to cool off. A friend told me about an incident that made him publicly shout “Jesus!”. The interesting thing is I know there are people out there who’ll say, “Deolu, you have seen nothing” – Witnesses?

5. There are people in higher institutions who come from humble backgrounds and get lured into a life of pressure and competition by hanging out with the wrong gang. Some of them also in trying to escape the stigmatization of village girl live extreme lives, change their names to Tracy, Jennifa and Becky.

Sorry to say, but these names have become the brand of prostitutes. If I meet a lady in Nigeria for the first time and she’s from the west and introduces herself as Tracy, I wonder.

6. Exam malpractice’s are real.

Ladies and guys, none are left out. People that spend their times on the wrong things, usually end up wanting to desperately excel. Witnesses

7. Some ladies have sex with lecturers for better grades.

I’m sure this is common knowledge. In the university I went, one of the most decent in Nigeria by all standards, I have heard of different types of stories. I have heard of an elderly lecturer who gets it done on his office table. I have heard of a lecturer who fainted in one of such acts with the lady running out creating a scene, I have heard and know of people who actually don’t have what is going on so coded.

8. In society, there are ladies (high profiled) who meet up with Jazz men to give them what will make them able to keep in bondage any man that has had sex with them.

Just like there was “Magun”, now there is “Malo”. I haven’t heard much about this, but it kind of like figures. Any Witnesses?

9. “Bigs Girls” are getting higher returns from having anal sex with top shots.

I actually heard about this in a gist outside the shores of Africa. In the story I heard over a year ago, it actually has gotten so bad for some of the ladies, that they now wear pampers. Top shots? I hear that’s our leaders, in whatever capacity you want to describe it. I can’t shout.

Lessons Taught.

I like the way the movie ended in both parts. It ended sadly, and truly the end of these types of lives can’t be well. I advice that people learn from these lessons and quit while they are ahead.

1. Hanging around for parties called by anyone may actually lead to death. 

Some ritualists also organize events and the easiest preys today are ladies. Sadly. I have seen some of these ladies around, and trust me I’m not into hanging out for parties, and sometimes it just touches my heart when I wonder if these people have families.

2. Sleeping with lecturers does not always produce the desired result. Jennifa was almost doing twice daily and it still backfired. Sleeping with lecturers hands you a skill that you may need to do to get along in life. It’s demeaning, and reduces the user into a mere tool. You’ll rather not start.

3. We usually never see the end of what we are doing, the beginning of it always looks glamorous, but the end is not so celebrated. Before you do something, ask yourself, what are the possible ends of these and who are the successful long term role models.

4. Parents need to educate themselves. If the parents have zero insight into how the higher institutions operate they are powerless to help or direct their children. The old concept of collecting money for Dic, for Tion and for Ary, in the bid to cheat parents who should have paid for Dictionary has taken on immense proportions. Ask your child where she or he got that phone you didn’t buy for them from.

5. People change, and players can find true love.

Tracy decided to get a new start, and it paid off. Even though the consequences of the seeds we sow will not abort before harvest, we still have the opportunity of beginning again and getting it right.

6. Everything you do in life has it’s reward. They all paid dearly for their conduct, Becky was rewarded with a damaged anal section and body odor, Jennifa with AIDS, and Tracy with a broken womb.

7. Miracles can happen, and that might be the theme of part 3 🙂 

Feel absolutely free to share and circulate this, I fear that many just watch films and never learn, maybe this can help make it vivid enough. What we sow, is what we’ll reap, here or hereafter. Or sontin li dat, you know, as in, later 🙂

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