How Parents Wreck Their Children – Part 1

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Deolu Akinyemi

Parents possess an undeniable love for their children, yet the art of parenting eludes formal education, leaving individuals to rely on their instincts and beliefs for guidance. Life’s pivotal platforms, such as marriage, family, and parenting, reveal the profound impact of mentorship and discipleship. Unfortunately, a dearth of role models and mentors in these areas becomes evident.

Leading children in the right direction hinge on the application of wisdom. Numerous individuals today assert expertise in marriage, family, and parenting, but their true understanding is revealed by the fruit they bear. The wellspring of eternal wisdom lies with God, and those who embrace wisdom can discern its presence, even if its effects are not immediate.

Please engrave this truth upon your heart: Wealth seldom transcends beyond the third generation. To ensure the value and worth of your children within their own time, you must purposefully and proactively guide them, refusing to subject them merely to the pressures of your peers.

Now, let us explore the common ways in which parents inadvertently harm their children.

1. Enrolling them in costly schools that strain their financial resources. This behaviour often stems from an illusory pursuit of keeping up with others. Parents mistakenly assume that their child gains an advantage by mingling with those from higher social classes. However, this belief is unfounded.

2. Utilizing your child’s education as a means to compensate for your own feelings of inferiority. Many parents find themselves attempting to match the prestige of their children’s schools, but this is an erroneous approach.

3. Shielding children from the world that shaped their parents. It is a common pattern: the first generation endures the hardships of life and manages to amass a fortune. Conversely, the second generation inherits wealth on a golden platter, devoid of an understanding of the fundamental principles of creation. Parents who adopt the philosophy of “I suffered, my children must never suffer” unwittingly harm their children’s development.

4. Failing to express gratitude for their own journey. Numerous parents, who themselves attended humble community schools, fail to recognize their own remarkable achievements against all odds. They believe that what they lack in their education could have vastly improved their lives. Thus, they send their children to “better” schools that have failed to produce societal icons or individuals who truly enhance society. They forget that while they attended modest schools, they have witnessed little discernible difference between themselves and those who received a highbrow education. When parents fail to appreciate their own path, they inadvertently undermine their children’s growth.

More aspects to follow in the continuation of this discussion.

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Adeolu Akinyemi.

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