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Deolu Akinyemi

Advert : The First NNC “Prelaunch Presentation and Matters Arising” will be holding in Elomaz Hotel (Maryland behind Planet One) at 3pm on Sunday the 2nd of December, 2007.  This first Seminar is Free of Charge as the venue will be taken care of by the Club Managers.  We will however appreciate if all who intend to attend notify us either by commenting here or calling Seun on 08035614101 to book ahead so we can prepare for the exact number of attendees. Agenda includes, the NNC concept, charity projects in December, brainstorming on areas we can add value.

I have a picture in my office that I took in South Africa. It’s a picture with the caption “Wanted” I was dressed like a cowboy with a gun and a ransom of $1,000,000 was put on me. It’s a conversation starter for anyone who comes into my office. I like to think that was my ransom price 2yrs ago, as the value ought to be more than that now…lol.

Some people walk into my office, catch the joke, and ask where I’m wanted so they can provide me, I tell them that I can pay the ransom money if that’s what they want…lol. That’s on a lighter note, what I really want to share today is about Leadership. In every human endeavor, in every establishment, in every corporation or nation, Leaders are wanted! The gap between any country, individual or business and it’s future is leaders! The gap between Nigeria today, and Nigeria tomorrow is Leadership!

Everybody needs to develop him/herself to become a better leader. Leadership has no gender neither is it the exclusive preserve of some, we all can be leaders and the more leaders we have around, the faster our pace and the surer our movement. The best definition of leadership I’ve come to like says, Leadership is the art of transforming intention into action. I just love that definition, as it shows that all must be leaders.

So what skills do leaders need to develop, and how can you become a better leader right there where you are?

1. Envisioning

Great leaders have a knack for seeing the picture of the desired future they intend to create. Things may not go the way they want it today, but they are propelled by a picture that they have seen. It takes deep thinking and foresight to form a vision of possibilities.

2. Enabling

Great leaders know how to enable their followers. To enable means to make resources, finances and skills available to their people to carry out their parts of the assignment. Enabling involves negotiating for what is needed, training, coaching, and making it possible for the vision to be supported.

3. Engaging

Great leaders don’t just stand aloof, they build relationships with their people. They collaborate to get things done. They bridge gaps between them and their people to achieve results. It’s not about them, it’s about their abilities to connect with their team and move the vision forward.

4. Energize

Passion is transmittable. Leaders have the speciality of being able to get this energy to circulate. It’s not strange to feel an air of excitement, shouts or thrills around a leader. Executing the vision is going to require energy, and great leaders exhume this energy. There tirelessness is contagious, and their strenght of purpose pervades the atmosphere.

5. Execute

True leaders are no longer just great at defining how it will be done. They also execute with excellence. Planning, process management, dissintegration of vision into key tasks and engaging with the team to execute is critical to delivery of leadership results. More often than not, the failings of leadership is in execution, but great leaders are learning to execute.

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