Are you living like you have an assignment?

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Deolu Akinyemi

In a vibrant African community, where the sun’s warmth painted the earth with hues of gold, lived a young boy named Kwame. His father, a hardworking man, entrusted him with an urgent task. “Kwame,” his father said, “go to the market and buy food for our hungry bellies. Make haste, my son.”

Kwame set off on his mission, carrying his father’s words like precious cargo. He walked with purpose, each step a testament to his determination to complete the task swiftly. The urgency of the assignment was etched in his mind, and he cherished his role as the bearer of sustenance for his family.

As he walked back from the market, his heart lightened by the thought of the food that would soon grace their table, he passed a makeshift football field. Laughter and cheers filled the air, drawing his attention like a magnetic force. His friends and peers were engaged in a spirited football match, and the excitement was contagious.

Kwame slowed down, captivated by the spectacle before him. The game’s energy and the thrill of competition beckoned him. He watched as the ball danced between players’ feet, the shouts of camaraderie echoing in his ears. A desire to join, to be part of the exhilaration, tugged at his heart.

The urgency of his father’s words began to fade as Kwame’s eyes remained fixed on the game. Slowly, like a leaf carried by a gentle breeze, he drifted toward the field. A simple pause turned into a lingering watch, and eventually, he found himself in the midst of the game.

Kwame’s innate talents shone on the field. His feet danced with the rhythm of the ball, and his spirit soared with each successful dribble. He became a driving force, creating chances and scoring goals that turned the tide of the match. Cheers and applause filled the air, and for a moment, Kwame basked in the spotlight.

The game ended as the sun dipped beneath the horizon, casting shadows across the field. The ball was gathered, and players dispersed, leaving Kwame standing amidst the gathering dusk. It was then that the reality of his original task hit him like a crashing wave. His father’s words, the urgency of the assignment, had vanished in the wake of his distraction.

Kwame retraced his steps to where he had left the food with unfamiliar faces. The plates were empty, cleaned by hungry mouths of stray dogs. The weight of his actions bore down on him, regret and sorrow gnawing at his heart.

With the same plates that had left his home brimming with potential, Kwame returned empty-handed. Shame and remorse cloaked him as he faced the inquisitive eyes of those who had seen him depart. His heart was heavy with the knowledge that he had squandered the trust placed in him.

In the darkness, Kwame wept, the magnitude of his actions a painful realization. He had let distractions steal the time he should have spent on his father’s errand. The fleeting applause, the joy of the game, had faded, leaving him with empty plates and a heart laden with remorse.

One day, you too will return home to meet with your father, and answer the assignment you were given to do on this earth. Will you be found faithful/. Will the applause of distraction have won you off the guided path of wisdom? We all have resources given to us as stewards to do the purposes of God for the spaces where we are given opportunity. Our relationship with our father coupled with our willingness to serve, make us valuable.


Adeolu Akinyemi

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