3 Life Lessons from the Story of Cain and Abel

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Written by

Deolu Akinyemi

In the story of Cain and Abel, we have plenty of firsts.

First Human Birth,

First Human Death,

First Worship,

First Murder,

First Family,

First Family Drama,

First complete court trial, with the bonus of an appeal.

There are plenty of intrigues and plenty of lessons. Let me share a few that inspire me, and I believe can help your paradigm as well.

  1. Good always wins evil. Every way leads to good for you if you love God. Here is the first interesting fact however, Heaven gained the first dead. God took the first fruit and firstborn from the dead. The Devil can have his means, it will all lead to God’s end. Do some people mean you are evil, don’t worry, it’s ending as good, and their intentions do not matter. Are you positioned with good or evil?
  2. There are two priesthoods on the earth; the priesthood of Cain and the priesthood of Abel. These two priesthoods manifest as different religions. The broad strokes of these two divergent people types coming from the same family are intriguing. One is a priesthood of obedience, the other of sacrifice. One is a priesthood of relationship, the other of routine. One is a priesthood of worship, the other of comparison. Every worshiper on earth is a manifestation of one of these priesthoods. Are you obeying your maker or making sacrifices without being able to hear? Are you developing a relationship with your maker or following a routine? Are you a worshiper whose posture before God is for His will to be done, or are you comparing yourself with others and wondering where you are? Every way of reaching the creator of the universe utilizes one of these modes. Which priesthood is yours?
  3. There are two types of workers – A keeper of sheep and tillers of the ground. One category is keepers, and the other is tillers. One category grows what he has and adds value to what he was given, the other type of worker leverages what is available and depletes it. One worker multiplies their resource, working with assets, the other worker is operating on liabilities and regularly diminishing in value. One worker knows that he is in partnership with God and has their own input, the other worker believes that all that God made is for him or her to enjoy. Which worker are you?

The story of Cain and Abel is a story you will find in Christianity and Islam. It speaks to us about the types of people who first inhabited the earth and shows us the way life already tended from the start. I hope you enjoy, like, share and subscribe.

Kind Regards,

Adeolu Akinyemi.

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