Re-introducing or Perhaps Relaunching Adeolu Akinyemi

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Deolu Akinyemi

I am Adeolu Akinyemi, I enjoy a very personal son-to-father, servant-to-master, steward-to-owner relationship with God, I’m a lover of Jesus and, consequently, a lover of people. I am indwelled by the Holy Spirit, and my life goal is to model Jesus Christ.

I am passionate about helping people succeed. This passion I discovered very early in life, and I am fulfilled if my contribution helps to make a significant difference in other people’s lives. I first explored this passion as a tutorial teacher, teaching from as early as junior secondary school (Grade 7 equivalent) and ultimately becoming passionate about teaching financial and business intelligence. My friends and associates believe that this is where I help people most, but I think that’s what they know. I personally enjoy teaching, coaching, and inspiring others on an eclectic range of personal development topics.

I am a serial entrepreneur – I am a cofounder or founder in a number of business types cutting across – Manufacturing, Retail, e-commerce, Farming, Fintech, Blockchain, Consulting, Oil and Gas, Travel, Real Estate, Network Marketing, and Farming. I serve as an advisor to a number of companies and startups.

I am a Patriotic Nigerian. I believe in the potential greatness of Nigeria, I want Nigeria to work, and I’m willing to play my part as honourably as I can.

I have enjoyed the grace of God in being a good and faithful husband to one, a present father to a few, a loyal friend to some, a pastor to a group, and a dutiful mentor to many.

I try not to take myself too seriously. I make light of the things I can make light of, strive for 100% in every test or examination, laugh about my failures and learn from them, and push to do better every time I get the chance. I struggle to draw the line between helping people for free and charging them a fee. I am privately shy and publicly audacious.

I have decided to deliberately build a community. This community will benefit from my natural inclination to help, guide and share. I will benefit from the community as well. Together, we will attempt amazing things, dare to even do great things, and who knows, maybe even change the world. It’s a community where I will be free to be myself and be available to lend a hand. This community will build around me, and yes, you can have your own community too. It will be on many platforms, but it will be anchored via my mailing list and my telegram channel. Today, I invite you to join my telegram channel. I urge you to be on my mailing list, too and bookmark my website. For easy access, however, let’s start with telegram today.

Telegram link –

What to expect?

Daily Education (mailing list)

Access to My Community Specials

Exclusive deals and discounts

Opportunity to learn and grow with me

Discussions about God and Country

Behind the Scenes views

Naughty Stuff.


Kind Regards,

Adeolu Akinyemi.

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