You don’t want anything, but you are getting everything, why?

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Deolu Akinyemi

2015-New-arrival-leather-notebook-Personal-diary-agenda-A5-planner-binder-note-book-leather-cover-officeMany times, when I say I don’t want anything, it’s the verbal expression of what I desire to be my reality. It doesn’t mean I have already attained, but I’m pressing on to such a place where I don’t even exist, so I’m not even capable of wanting anything. I want my life to be about Christ – Alive his Slave, dead his bounty.

I get different reactions from friends, and even many more from random acquaintances. Those that don’t know me well, and have formed an opinion of me say, “the reason why you don’t want anything is because you already have everything you need”. Those who know me well, say, “how can you say you don’t want anything, yet you are working harder and driving more passionately than those who want something?” I have yet another friend who said, it took him a while to process the implication of wanting nothing, and that it’s been quite radical for him and his outlook on his life and ministry.

I don’t only want to come to a place where I want nothing, I also don’t want to have any personal agenda. I want God’s will to be my agenda. This is my heart cry and desire. Interestingly however, the more I have declared these things, the more I am coming to realize that those who submit themselves to God’s will, and want nothing are satisfied with much more than they could ever have requested for.

This year alone has been inundating for me. This year, God is teaching me some interesting practical lessons.

1. Never to chase the things that are meant to chase me.
2. Never to struggle for the things I normally struggle for.
3. God is showing me a higher order, where the world thinks you are rich, even though you are totally committed to stewardship and know that you can never be the owner of things, just the steward of them.
4. Not to forget the things I’m learning today, as they are for tomorrow! “Don’t forget” – this phrase has rung in my mind for a while, helping me realize that money has the capacity to distract you from the main things. Except you lay it to heart to keep Christ as your only desired end.
5. That the ownership of nothing, leads to the stewardship of all things.

Why the drive, when you want nothing? Why are you getting more than enough now that you really confess a want for nothing? There is only one thought I can offer today, I will expand it later – Lordship. You see, you can’t job God, because he can’t be mocked, and there is nothing you even think that doesn’t first register with Him, He’s all in all. If Jesus is however truly your Lord, you can expect things to change. If you are not in the Lordship of Christ, you don’t want to guess whose Lordship you are under.

The book of Haggai gives an interesting narrative, that summarizes all I have written above. If you can get some time you can read it. The summary is, you who pursue things, how filled is your life with them? There is only one thing that truly satisfies, it’s getting into the mainstream of what God is doing. Whatever He is doing, He finances. Whatever He is doing He ensures those who carry it out never get tired. He empties the nations of their resources to support the course of those doing what He wants.

Mark my words! God is doing something in the world today! A few can hear Him and are plugging in. They want nothing, but you will not believe them! The evidence you’ll see, will make you think wanting nothing is a method for getting everything. It’s just that God cannot be played.


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