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Deolu Akinyemi

I’m sure many that will read this are conversant with the reality that whether or not we are conscious of it, we are scribbling history with our daily lives. This was literally done yesterday as we presented some great opportunities to the people that attended a New Nigeria Club organized Investors Forum. I’m going to share with you here, the key highlights and opportunities from that meeting, and a little extra.

We gathered a number of high potential Nigerians together and presented them with some exclusive opportunities. In our own little ways we are making history and these opportunities are extended to you as well, provided you meet the exclusivity requirement.

1. 10 Tower Apartments (80-150%+ ROI)

We had a Financial Analyst and Property Expert from Dubai come and address us on this mouth watering opportunity. The 10Tower Project is a mixture of residential and commercial apartments, it is billed to be completed Dec, 2009 and it’s the lowest cost opportunity one can get in Jumeirah today. For perspective, Jumeirah is to Dubai what VI is to Lagos. He showed us from their researched data, that today, Dubai properties are the cheapest compared to properties in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, or any other commercial hub in it’s status. Dubai however has the highest rental income amongst all these regions by a wide margin. What this means is a huge potential for both capital appreciation and rental income. This property was secured by a team of Nigerians (interestingly all members of the New Nigeria Club) for AED950/sq foot, this about N32,000/sq foot. Rentals in VI Lagos is about N54,000/sq foot not sales. We were able to secure an entire floor of the building for investment purposes. The plan is to buy now, and flip between January and March when it will have witnessed significant capital appreciation. True to projections, the property has already gained 10% in just 15days of buying into it. The excel sheet attached gives a picture of the scenarios and our target exit strategy at 80-150% ROI. The target exit prices are very conservative as property in the same vicinity that will completed after this one is already being sold at AED2,500. The final ROI will be paid to people based on prorated basis, based on when they joined.
10 Tower Brochure

2. ShapeCD Africa (Private Placement)

The Shape CD technology is a patent right of a German Company and it’s been existing since 1995. ShapeCD is about shaping CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray Disks e.t.c. This machine shapes these CDs into logo’s, business cards, landscapes, e.t.c. These shaped CDs continue to work like normal CDs and can be used to capture corporate profiles, product information, entertainment, tourism e.t.c. It can be used by corporate organizations, churches and other religious centers, entertainment, Nollywood, Government, e.t.c. The Shape CD can also be a subtle cure to intentional piracy.

We were able to secure the patent franchise for this company in Africa. This means we are required to provide leadership and direction for the African market while we earn royalties and commissions for work not connected to us in these regions as well. We already have royalty potentials in Algeria and Egypt, Ghana and South Africa are in the pipeline.

We already have 5 Angel investors who each are investing sufficient to have just 3 investors, but the NNC has secured some preferentially on behalf of it’s members. We are giving an opportunity to New Nigeria Club members to have equity in this company at very ridiculous entry values. The brochure for ShapeCD Africa is attached. For further interest in this opportunity. Please contact me ASAP, as this opportunity is open till the end of June. This is one of few opportunities where Africa is led by Nigeria.
Shape CD Brochure

3. Prime Estate Phase 2 Ofada (Gain 20% Instantly)

The Prime Estate Phase 2 at Ofada is currently going for N800,000 per plot. Allocation of plots also commences from the 28th of June, 2008 as the estate plan has been approved. We are providing an opportunity for interested people to buy the same plot at N650,000. They can pay N350,000 now and spread the rest over 12 months. This opportunity is open for the next two weeks.

4. Geo-fluid Ltd

Geo-fluid Ltd Private Placement opportunity is closing this week. You can still get some of the units in the preferential allotment that we got. If you are interested in this, let me know.

5. New Nigeria Club – Cooperative and Investment Club

Effective July 1, we’ll be kicking off with the New Nigeria Club Cooperative and Investment Club. Members of New Nigeria Club will have the opportunity of bonding together in a consistent way to multply and grow their contributions. It is high time we start leveraging on our numbers to make big things happen. For the cooperative and Investment Club we are looking at 4 Categories of People

Bronze Category – N10,000 per month
Silver Category – N20,000 per month
Gold Category – N50,000 per month
Platinum Category – N100,000 per month

In order to make this very easy to track and keep both parties well informed, we’ll be using the banking facility in the members area of New Nigeria Club. This way members will be able to move money via the bank into their members area, and transfer it monthly, while being able to take advantage of special opportunities as they become available. We’ll be discussing and using a number of investment vehicles to balance our portfolio and enjoy good returns. Our demo of this last year, yielded 100% in a year and we are confident things can be better.


1. Collective Financial Education, research and enrichment of members of the club
2. Enjoyment of association of other members of the club.
3. Long term networking outlet for members of the club
4. Indoctrination of savings and investment culture among the members of the club.

All the work on the banking area is currently well advanced as people can move money into the bank and request payout through their cards. These cards are going to be available for all registered NNC members effective July 1, whether they request or not. People interested in joining the investment club should go into their members area from tomorrow and click on the appropriate links to join or send a mail to indicating their names, Phone number, prefered emails and category interested in.

Some of the biggest companies in the world today are such because a few people pulled funds together to take advantage of opportunities. This is our own opportunity!

Please circulate this widely.

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi

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