The Unknown Tomorrow

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Deolu Akinyemi

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I hope you are not postponing your life till tomorrow, because if you are, I intend to shake you a bit today! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow does not exist, when we get to tomorrow, if we ever do, we’ll call it today! This truth leaves one with a shocking reality that what you really have power over is today. In fact if we want to make it more extreme, now! Does it then not seem strange, that many are living lives they are unhappy about today, in the hope that it will change tomorrow? Don’t procrastinate your happiness, don’t postpone your joy, don’t leave off to an unknown future the best parts of your life. Haven’t you heard – “Tomorrow, tomorrow… is always a day away!”?

This reminds me of a story I once heard. Of a rich Consultant that traveled to his village to let his air down, have fun and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the country side. While in the village, he decided to go fishing with on of his old time buddies who was a fisherman by profession. He set up an appointment with his friend and they set out to fish together. While they were on the waters, the rich consultant saw possibilities and told his friend. “Do you know that your business can be much bigger than this? You are living way below your potentials”. The fisherman looked at him, puzzled, “really? But why would I want to make my business bigger?” The rich consultant was puzzled at why a human being would not be aspirational and went on to explain further.

“There is huge potential for this fish business, and you are catching enough fish to be able to sell and invest in another boat. After you buy another boat, you can get another fisherman trained to work for you, grow the business and buy many boats. In fact you can get to expand so fast that you can buy a ship. This way you’ll start doing big supplies to neighboring villages and even to the main towns. After a while you can consider reducing your costs on transporting a Big ship by selling some other things that are in the village but peopel need in town. Before you know it, you’ll need to do an IPO on this your business, and really grow it to become a mega brand.” Then the Fisherman asked, “then what?” To which the rich consulant answered “Then when you are old and tired, you resign, come back to the village, have fun with your family, fish once in a while and drink under the tree with your friends.” “Hmmm”, said the fisherman, “But I’m already doing all that now, why do I have to go through all that stess just because I want to enjoy what I’m already enjoying :)”

Now there are some aspects of this story that create a reality shake and some that need to be seived.

Key Lessons

1. Don’t procrastinate your life. Don’t hope for a different yonder or tomorrow. Make sure that your life today has elements of what your tomorrow should look like. Do you hope to one day be a blessing, be a blessing today. Do you hope to one day impact lives, do it today. Do you hope to have fun and rest well, have fun and rest well today. Today is the tomorrow you saw yesterday, today is the dream you dreamt yesterday. Bring your tomorrow forward. Tommorow will not be different, it will only be better. Whatever you want your life to be later, start it in a small way NOW!

2. Don’t play music to earn money to play football. I hear so much of I’m just doing this so I can make money to do what I really love! What a waste! Either find a way to enjoy what you are doing or quit, while you are ahead. “Quitting while you are ahead is not quitting” – American Gangster. You should not be caught alive or dead in a vocation that is not making you happy. If you are not happy today, you are not likely to be tomorrow. Even if the conditions of the present are not pleasant, they are pleasant to the one that knows it’s a necessary part of his/her process. Nobody who sees you singing songs will recommend you for shooting balls. Let your life contain elements of your desired future today. I’m not waiting to grow old and die to go to heaven, I’m carrying heaven in my heart today.

3. “When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable” – Attributed to Myles Munroe. If the Rich consultant knew his life goals before he embarked on it, his journey would have been different. It’s good to ask the strong question, what do I want to be remembered for. If you answer this often enough, your activities are likely to be aligned. Why are you here? What gives you passion, what makes you cry, what keeps you motivated, what do you love to do? Start doing it…

4. Life is in the journey, not the destination. Imagine that the fisherman loved the adrenalin of growing a business like I do. Imagine that he would have enjoyed creating jobs for thousands of people? Imagine how far in the sea he would have seen and the travels he would have had to make, suppose those things were important to him? If they are, he would have let go of the journey because he felt the destination was similar. It’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. We are born on one day, and we die on another day, the rest of our days is the journey. The journey is important. Where are you now? Is it essential to your journey? Are you enjoying the cruise? Enjoy your journeys! If it “aint werking” for you, make it work, If it can’t, let go and move on! How sorrowful will it be, if the God of the universe decides your stay is over, and your best years are still ahead?

Can someone say my best day is here!??

“Tomorrow belongs to those who live it today” – Adeolu

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