What You Need For Your Next Level, Is Not As Far As You Think, Look Up And Around

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Deolu Akinyemi

Once upon a time, in a world not so different from our own, there was a man named Benjamin. Benjamin was a kind-hearted and hardworking individual, but he had a tendency to worry about the future and fret over his needs. He always felt as if something was missing, as if he didn’t have enough to face the challenges that lay ahead.

One sunny day, as Benjamin was strolling through a beautiful garden, he stumbled upon a peculiar signpost. It had two arrows pointing in opposite directions—one labelled “Look Up” and the other labelled “Look Around.” Intrigued, Benjamin decided to follow the sign’s advice.

With a curious gaze, he looked up towards the sky. To his amazement, he saw birds gracefully soaring through the air, finding food and building nests without a worry. He marvelled at how effortlessly they glided, realizing that they had everything they needed—wings to fly and the instinct to survive. Benjamin chuckled and thought, “If God could equip these little creatures so perfectly, surely He has something in store for me too.”

Buoyed by this newfound confidence, Benjamin turned his attention to looking around him. As he scanned the garden, his eyes fell upon a bountiful tree laden with succulent fruits of every kind. From juicy apples to plump oranges and luscious berries, the tree offered an abundance that seemed endless. Benjamin’s mouth watered as he realized that nature had already provided for his nourishment.

Overwhelmed with joy, Benjamin’s worries began to melt away. He started to see how God had proactively covered his needs even before he had become aware of them. The birds in the sky and the fruits in the garden were symbols of God’s provision, reminding him that there was always something available to help him on his journey.

From that day forward, Benjamin carried the lessons he learned in his heart. Whenever he felt a need arise, he would pause, take a deep breath, and follow the signpost’s advice. He would look up, acknowledging the divine presence and trusting in God’s plan. Then, he would look around him, searching for the resources and opportunities that were already within reach.

Benjamin became a source of inspiration for others, sharing his funny yet profound story with anyone who felt overwhelmed by life’s challenges. He reminded them that just as God had prepared everything they needed from the beginning of time, they too, could find solace and provision by looking up and looking around.

And so, Benjamin’s life became a testament to the fact that everything we require is already available to us. Sometimes, we simply need a gentle reminder to shift our focus, to recognize the signs and wonders that surround us. For when we do, we realize that God’s proactive love and provision are always present, ready to guide us and meet our needs even before we are aware of them.

Kind Regard,

Adeolu Akinyemi.

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1 thought on “What You Need For Your Next Level, Is Not As Far As You Think, Look Up And Around”

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