The Stream is poisoned!

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Deolu Akinyemi

Biblemanoy1The water looks clean, colourless and odourless to the naked eye, but every creature that drinks of it is set to die! Slowly but surely, sometimes a few years, sometimes plenty of years, but death is sure. The stream is poisoned. You can fetch the water home, drink it, or cook with it, you can take it directly from the streams, or from any of the outlets it flows into, you would not escape sure death, the stream is poisoned.

The stream used to be a source of life, a landmark to define the village by, but now, it’s the oasis of death. The voices that warn of the streams danger are lonely voices, death doesn’t happen quickly, so the source of death is uncertain. To all the multitude in the village, it’s the ravings of a lunatic. Those who would not pollute themselves with this streams go through quite a lot of effort just to avoid it. Life seems tough.

“God told me” – It’s a phrase that gets anyone with any modicum of spirituality off your back! It’s easy to quote God, and that settles everything. “The Bible says” – that’s another strong one, it’s God’s book, it settles all quarrels. It’s a stream that brings healing, a stream that brings life, in it you find eternal life, in it you find the One who is the way, the truth and the life!

The stream however has been poisoned! God’s word has been stained by the lenses of personal agenda. The rock of revelation has been turned into bread! The bread of life has been replaced with a life of bread. God’s word, that sacred stream has been poisoned by those who use it for their selfish ends, not God’s ends. The waters that are meant to give those who drink of it eternal life, now takes life. The mirror that was meant to show Christ and help to keep us changing till we be like him, now shows self. The Book of God, has become the book of Man. Instead of the man God uses, we have the God man uses.

It’s only the eye that is single that is full of light! The eye that keeps its focus on Jesus is the one that has clarity of revelation, and has a stream that is pure. Once the eye gazes at Jesus and has the lens and handle of self, then the light becomes darkness, and how great is that darkness. The same sources that should lead us to God, now like Aaron’s calf, now offer us gods.

Those who should be light, now spread darkness in wholesale. They talk of faith, prosperity, success, wealth, grace, and all the lyrics end in self, self, self. God has become an observer in the place christened as His own! The Christian gathering has become the devils safest hiding place. The stream is poisoned! Poisoned with personal agenda, with grand ambition and by the god called self.

We have become popular at the expense of Jesus! In many gatherings, Jesus Christ takes the bench as more valuable players take the central stage. We have other papas besides him, many daddies ahead of him, and many Christs with silent t’s.

The body of Christ currently looks like a monster with many heads. This should be enough sign it’s not the Christ, it’s the antichrist. Abomination is sitting where it shouldn’t in the temple! The second coming of the Lord draws near, and those who have read him and claimed to know him, are not made ready to even recognize him. Selah!


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