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Deolu Akinyemi



Matthew 5, 6 and 7 Outlines a few of His commandments and the lessons shared are golden. Let’s do a list on this one, ready?


  1. If you want to be like Jesus, any time you see a crowd, escape with your key disciples and teach them. Your message is not for the crowd! Matt 5:1-2.
  2. True blessedness is when you are out of options and spiritually needy, it is at that point that you become heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. When you are at the end of your rope is when you can have more of God and His rule. Matt 5:3.
  3. You are blessed when you lose the things most dare to you and mourn, if you have nothing to mourn about, you have no need for God’s comfort. It’s those who lose their lives, that gain real life. Matt 5:4.
  4. You are blessed when you are content with who you are, and what you have. When you have no personal agenda, but are submissive to God’s agenda. It’s those who want nothing, who will become custodians of everything. The meek will inherit the earth. Matt 5:5
  5. You are blessed if you have a healthy appetite for God! You will be filled! If you don’t have appetite, work it up! Take spiritual vitamins. Matt 5:6
  6. You are blessed when you show others mercy, God also shows you mercy. Mercy is reciprocal, you can stop God’s mercy by not showing mercy. Matt 5:7.
  7. You are blessed when your heart is pure, when your heart clings to nothing and no one else but Christ. That is the criteria for being able to see and understand God! It’s eyes that are single that can be full of light! Matt 5:8
  8. You are blessed when you help make peace. Making peace between others and between people and God is the true mark of sons of God. It’s what Christ came to do, it’s what we must do. Matt 5:9.
  9. You are blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution! When you are persecuted it shows you have a stake in God’s kingdom.
  10. You really want to know when you should count yourselves truly blessed? When people put your down, throw you out, or speak lies about you to discredit Jesus! When this happens, it means you are speaking the truth and it’s too close for comfort. Be very excited when this happens, because you just won heaven’s applause. This also puts you on the same hall of fame that has all of God’s prophets. Matt 5:11-12
  11. Jesus literally defined blessedness and if you read them all carefully, you’ll see that the be blessed is basic – Christ! Matt 5:1-12
  12. Have you ever desired to law treasures in heaven? Let your commitment to Jesus and fanaticsm about him cause men to speak all kinds of evil against you! Matt 5:12.
  13. Do you know why you are on earth? Christ one? As salt to the earth – to give the earth God-flavour and to prevent the earth from decay. If we lose our God-flavour we are useless! Matt 5:13
  14. We are also here in the world? To make God public and visible! God shines His light to the world through you, so you can’t be secretive! God wants us to be open to others, so they can experience Him. Matt 5:14-16
  15. The light that we shine to the world is God, not achievements! The good work we are set apart for is discipleship, not bragging about our possessions. The end result of the shining, is more people glorifying God! Matt 5:16.
  16. Jesus redefines the law, and defines his role to the Law! You see, the Law is a jigsaw puzzle, unsolvable without Christ! Jesus came to complete it! He is first the missing piece, he is also the picture that allows you to see the entire picture. With Jesus firmly in place, God’s law is eternal! Matt 5:17-20.
  17. Jesus begins to put in the missing pieces in a few law samples! Showing that all who thought they kept the law before him, didn’t! Matt 5:21+
  18. Have you ever been angry with someone? You failed the murder law. Murder begins in the heart. God judges the heart, courts judge the actions. Matt 5:21
  19. Adultery? You don’t need to be in bed, just take a lustful look. Don’t pretend this is easy, it’s not! You literally have to be blind to achieve this, even a far back as the 21st century when everything seemed covered. Matt 5:27-30
  20. Divorce? Being legally correct doesn’t make you moral in God’s terms. Matt 5:31.
  21. Vows, Oaths, Pledges? Quit it! Anyone that mandates you to do any of these is clearly sponsored by the evil one. Let your yes be yes! Take your own yes and no seriously. Mat 5:33
  22. Now Jesus begins to give his own commandments, the standards seem even way higher than the law. He quotes the law, and tells you the standards of the law of the spirit.
  23. Don’t repay evil with evil, repay evil with good! No more tit for tat. If someone takes advantage of you, practice the servant life. Leverage on your enemies, let them bring out the best in you! Matt 5:38-47
  24. Be like your Father God! Live your God created identity. Love your enemies! Anybody can love their friends. Godliness is reaching out to those who don’t even demand it, let alone deserve it. Matt 5:43-48.
  25. Takes us into Chapter 6! From here we begin to see Jesus’ standards! It’s higher than what the Pharisees and Sadducees – experts on the law had been practicing!

Is it clearer?

Adeolu Akinyemi



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