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The reason why some of the things you have been reading sounds different is because we have all been feeding on a different gospel. This is not a new doctrine, this is Christ! Our assignment is to point to Christ, to showcase Jesus, to ascribe him all the glory! No man died for us, he did! No man paid our price, he did. He alone is worthy of our adoration and worship!

Anyone who competes with the space is owns is setting himself against God! I desire to spend the rest of my life, living for him! The end of my life was cast, it was death, sure death. He came and rescued me, not to live my life and ambitions, but to also lay down my life to take on his own! Everyday, this is a privilege I enjoy. I studied John 7-12 today… here are thoughts from it.

Bible Facts You Need to Know!

John 7-12

> Jesus Brothers did not believe him. John 7:5

This implies you also may not get home base support for your faith.
It also clarifies that Mary was not a virgin for long.
The acid test of who sent you, is who do you really glorify? Matt 7:16-18. Jesus gloried God! He did not preach his doctrine, he preached God! The person you preach is the one who sent you, and the one whose authority you speak with! Think about it, if Jesus sent me, then my work must be to Preach Christ, not myself.

No one can lay hands on us, until our hour comes! John 7:30. Our times are in his hands!

Those who will represent Christ must depend on God for wisdom, the world and organized religion would find anything, just anything to discredit you. John 8:6

Total dependence on Christ is not mumu, we learnt it from Christ. John 8:28-30

There is a difference between claiming to believe in Jesus and actually believing in Jesus. The acid test is, do you live out what he tells you to do? John 8:31-32

It will be difficult for Jesus’ words to penetrate the thick skulls of those who have unknowingly accepted the fatherhood of satan. John 8:38. It’s actually possible not to know who your true father is until we X-ray your conduct.

How do you know if God is your father? Love for Jesus! How do you know you have love for Jesus? You are obeying his commandments! Is God your father? John 8:42

He who is of God, hears God’s word, if you can’t stand it, you are not of God! What your listen to, defines which side you are on. John 8:47.

Jesus is the light of the world, as long as he is in the world. Those who are really blind, are those who can’t see the light! John 9:5.

Those who couldn’t see will be given sight, those who are stuck up and think they can see, would be made blind! The poor in spirit will own the Kingdom of Heaven. John 9.

Organized religion doesn’t care if you can’t see, it cares that it was done within the ambits of the letter. The letter truly kills. John 9:34.

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