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Deolu Akinyemi


What you are about to read is the biggest revelation that has dropped into my spirit in a long time. It sounds so common place, but the value of it is so deep, you need to spend considerable time meditating on it, to understand the full scope of what God is about to do in your life.

If you want to experience the BEST of God this year, the first thing you need to do is THINK differently. The only difference between last year and this year is – YOU! God doesn’t change, and the seasons aren’t altered by your prayer points. The only change capable of making this year better or worse for you, is the change in YOU!

There is not much change that can happen with you however. Your height, length of hair and complexion for example are out of your control. Don’t waste your time on the things you can’t change. There are 3 things God wants to change and you need to surrender for them to change.

1. God wants to give you a NEW heart. This is not a literal new blood pumping organ, not at all. What He means by a New HEART in Ezekiel 36:26, is a new MIND. The heart here, is the seat of intellect, will and choices. Remember the same Bible (Prov 4:23) says guard your hearts diligently, for out of it proceeds the issues that govern your life. It also says let your heart retain my words. Simply put, the new heart here is a new mind!

To change your life, is to change your mind. To change your mind is to – REPENT. The word repent simply means to change your mind! How do you change your mind, you may ask. Now this is what struck me, and shocked me. All you need to change, and your mind does a total flip and your life gathers new meaning is just one key thing. It’s one RADICAL change, that changes EVERYTHING. It’s just one sentence, and your results this year will swallow your results in the last 20yrs. If you can make this phenomenal change, you will NEVER have to worry about any NEED every again. NEVER!!

What is this change you may ask? Let me give it to you in summary, and then spend quality time in the next series breaking it down for you.

“Take yourself out of the picture. Ask – “What does God want to do, how is God affected, how does God take glory”, and then represent Him”

You may need to read the above statement 200 times, but let me assure you, once you get light about the statement I just made above, your life would be full of miracles. You will not believe what God will do through you, and for you. The moment it’s no longer about you, you tap into another dimension in God that is totally beautiful. Why you are still struggling is because it’s about you. To have a new heart is simple, take yourself out of the picture!

I will be sharing these more in the days to come, and will be sharing this on Sunday 12th January @HCCC. at 8am – 10am. Financial Mastery Class will hold at 7am. Looking forward to seeing you. It will also be online on www.hccc.org.ng.

If you will like to be reminded to come, please fill your email and number here for a reminder http://goo.gl/yS8DZw





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