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Deolu Akinyemi

At the beginning of this year, you set many goals and expectations, there were old habits you wanted to stop, and new things you wanted to start. You believed that this year would be your best till date, there was hope and there was aspiration. This year is however about to end, and if you are not careful, like most years, all you will do is gloss over the past and focus on the future. We are so eager to plug into tomorrow that we lose the vital leverage available in yesterday! Don’t be so much in a hurry, pause and reflect. The failures and ruins of yesterday are not useless, they should be the manure for tomorrow. Don’t gloss over the past, learn the lessons!

  1. How have you grown? Our lives have various dimensions, and it’s critical to analyze them all and be able to define how you have grown. Have you developed yourself mentally? Did you merely wish to read books and attend seminars or did you do it? Did you develop any new skills throughout the year? Did you read your bible through? Did you become an obviously better person socially? Did you rise in your career? Did you grow?
  2. Where have you failed? They say experience is a cruel teacher, it first gives you the examination, allows you to fail and then teaches you the lessons. You will not be a bright student if you gloss over your failures and just move on. Where have you failed? Did you attempt any business and not get results? Why? Did you attempt a new relationship that didn’t work? Why? Did you try to develop a new skill and drop out? Why? Did you try to start a project that didn’t progress? Why? Did you lose money? Why? Did you notice any clear failure trends? Pause and reflect over the painful past, the comfort and strength to become an asset lies in this.
  3. Where did you succeed? The little successes you have enjoyed are your confidence boosters and anchors as you take on the future. What have you done successfully? Reminisce over the tales of your lion and bear battles, as they are  your anchors as you approach goliath. Faith for the future usually benefits from an anchor from the past. Your experiences of success are deliberately orchestrated into your life because you’ll need them as confidence boosters to take on the bigger future. Don’t forget the conquest of Egypt, remember it, as it always makes you invincible to the next challenge.
  4. Who was who? We are all surrounded by people, whether we are engaging them or not, is another kettle of fish. The people around our lives have different purposes and different roles. Who has been a mentor? Who has been a tormentor? Who has been a friend? Who has been a foe? Who has been a brother? Who has been a father? Who has been a source of inspiration? Who have you inspired? You have to learn by experience who you can trust, who you can work with and who can be a shoulder for you in your time of need. You also need to learn by experience whose hand is a garden of thorns and whose mouth puffs hot pepper. Who has been who in your life, will give you the guidance to strengthen your necessary relationships and walk away from your drainers. You can’t move forward with a crowd that is going backwards. Look very carefully at the people you have surrounded yourself with, and be sure that your destiny will be common. If your friends are not going far, you will not go far, the airplane that is destined for Ghana doesn’t drop passengers in the US. Develop your who is who list, and make concerted efforts to build your relationships. The more I analyze life, the more I realize that all the good things heading your way, are going to come through human hands. Dollars don’t rain they come from others, contracts don’t appear they are by contacts.
  5. Give Thanks! After you have analyzed your year, which you must. You must end it by deliberately wearing the lenses of gratitude and finding reasons to be thankful for how this year has been. Gratitude puts you in line for what God wants to do in your life. Don’t every get into the nasty habit of complaining, to complain is human, to give thanks divine. Be thankful for the good things and the bad things, be confidently assured that everything that has happened to you, has brought you to the precipice of the greatest year of your life. Embrace that thought, and throttle your new year with it!

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Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi

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