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I began a series a few days ago on success factors. I promised that I would complete the success factors, and as such, I have decided to make good that promise today. Success factors are the basic attributes, attitudes, skills or qualities that form the basis for success in any successful person. These are factors that anybody from any level of achievement can practice and their success will be guaranteed. If our habits are right, our results cannot be wrong for long. If you know the factors and practice them relentlessly, you are success bound.

In the industry that I’m passionate about – the Network Marketing industry, the factors required cut across what you’ll need to succeed in almost any sphere. It is indeed a training school for all round success in all spheres of life. If you can put this to practice and succeed here in this industry, I have no doubt that you’ll succeed in family, business or any of the spheres of influence.

Continuing from the last article, here are more success factors.

5. Clarity of Purpose

People who succeed have this one in common. They have a clear picture of what they want and where they are going. For them, life is not À la carte, it’s a buffet, and they are sure of what they want to eat. Clarity of purpose involves asking yourself introspective questions, discovering your talents, your passions and your true purpose. Clarity of purpose is ensuring there is a goal and standard by which your life is measured. It’s taking yourself out of the competition frenzy into a dimension where your life is judged by your desires and your overall goal. It’s having a commanders intent to stay true to. Clarity of purpose helps you have motivation in the good days, and keeps you focused in the not so good days. What keeps a man looking up when the world around says down, is that same clarity of purpose. The wind doesn’t begin to favour you, until you chose your destination.

6. Patience and Persistence

Unfortunately, we live in a microwave generation. A generation where we celebrate food cooked in 2 mins, a generation that demands for it now! We want success and we want it fast. We want good things, like yesterday. We are too much in a hurry! Life however works by principles and rules, none of which will break because of you. If gravity were to suspend because you made a mistake and shouldn’t fall, many people will in the same instant die, because nobody expects gravity to fail. Patience is knowing that if what I want is not done, it’s because I’m yet to be ready. What you get, is irrelevant beside what you become. If you allow the process of patience to make you, you’ll be able to retain anything that persistence gives you. Persistence is keeping at what you know is right to do, long enough to get the results. Persistence is not in repetitive activity, it’s the drive to not give up trying, even if with different modifications and forms. Those who lack patient persistence burn out fast.

7. Act in spite of Fear

Be afraid, we all get afraid, our difference is not in the absence of fear, it’s in what we do in spite of fear. Don’t let the fear of the unknown cripple you, that’s not the stuff successful people are made up of. If you want the greatest growth, you need to move confidently in the direction of your fears. You need to challenge your status quo! You need to match to a new beat, try new things and change your game from time to time. Don’t ask for easier assignments, allow the tough ones to toughen you. Step out of your comfort zone, don’t say I haven’t done that before, nobody does it before they do it! Muster up some courage, and within ethical boundaries, try!

8. Have Faith

It is impossible to achieve anything significant without faith. Faith is a strong belief, that what you desire is in alignment with what God is bringing your way. It’s absolute assurance, that the things you have as desires and appetites are God inspired, and are already in motion towards you. Faith is stretching out into the invisible to make manifest that which eyes do not yet see. Everything that is seen, is first created unseen! Faith is the application that unzips what is unseen into the seen world. Faith is a success factor. It’s what keeps you on, when all you see don’t add up! It’s the ingredient that makes all else make sense.

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