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Deolu Akinyemi

I feel it’s in order if I keep the general public up to date about the inner events of Avenues to Wealth. That way, you might see a little of the good work going on, and be motivated to be a part of this opportunity. It’s not late, but better now than later.

Avenues to Wealth Leadership Academy

In Avenues To Wealth we not only empower you to become financially free but we also invest in you so you can hone your leadership skills and become the leader that you are. You can take by contacting the coordinator for your region as detailed below:

– Ebonyi: Sept 5th to 7th; 9am, 11am, 1pm and 4pm. Book with 08072692183, 08072690111. Send your friends.
– Enugu: Sept 8th to 10th; Morning and Evening Sessions. Book with 08072790023, 24, 08072690111, 08152692270
– Abuja: Sept 12th to 17th; Morning and Evening Sessions. Book with 0807269-0352, 0300, 3625, 3951
– Uyo: Sept 19th to 26th; Morning and Evening Sessions. Book with 0807269-0133, 0807269-0026, 08072691839
– Port Harcourt: Sept 26th to 1st Oct; Morning and Evening Sessions. Book with 0807269-0009, 0133, 0141

These events have limited seats and are not free, so first come first serve.
The good thing as well, is you can invite your prospects to attend these life changing seminars, they will join your team, and their lives will not remain the same ever again

Also please note that there are many events taking place across the nation. You don’t need to be in another city to build a team there. Leverage on the multiple events nationwide, send your people to them.

Our Shop – Still in Prelaunch, Exciting Opportunities

-Our Box

Product Quantity Price Per Unit Total Price Appx Savings

Digestive Refill 2 150 300 60
Millo Refill 1 550 550 50
Dano/Peak Refill 1 550 550 50
500g Family Sugar 1 210 210 30
Kellogs Cornflakes 1 800 800 100
Naicer Tomatoes 2 150 300 60
Knorr Chicken 1 330 330 30
Blueband 450g 1 260 260 30
Double Tissue 1 240 240 60
Close Up 125ml 1 160 160 20
3 in 1 500g Custard 1 340 340 40
Coconut Sachet Powder 1 200 200 50
1 litre Vegetable Oil 1 500 500 50
Spaghetti 2 120 240 40
Indomie Noodles 12 35 420 50
Science of Getting Rich* 1 500
Buttermint Sachet 1 140 140 20
Salt 1 60 60 10
Matches 1 50 50 10
Thyme 1 70 70 10
Curry 1 70 70 10
Seasoning 1 300 300 20
Pounded Yam Floor 1 2000 2000 400
Brochures 2 500 1000 200
DVD 2 500 1000 200
Sure Guide for A2W Success* 1 1500
Packaging and Logistics 600 -600
Total 10690 1000

40% Cash Back 400
** exchanged for pounded yam in non-distributor boxes (d boxes and nd boxes). The Sure Guide is Don Faila’s 45sec presentation. The book has been repackaged to support you to build with the powers. It’s a must have, and it’s only available in our box. The other book, is the science of getting reach. It’s one of the books that has had the most impact on A2W MD.
The energy savings on our box is Priceless.

If you want to pick a box. It’s time to make payments. We’ll be accepting payments till Sept 15th. Any payments after this will only be responded to in October. Pick-up of the boxes will commence in the last week of September. Box collection for now is limited to the following regions and leaders.

Lagos Mainland 1: Funke (MI) – 08072694281
Lagos Mainland 2: Ijeoma – 08072690003
Lagos Mainland 3: Nkem – 08072690020
Lagos Mainland 4: Nkeiru – 08072690004
Lagos Island: Emeka – 08072690006
Port Harcourt 1: Chinwe – 08072690009
Port Harcourt 2: Voke – 08072690141
Plateau State: Rachael – 08072694189
Plateau Sate: Simeon – 08072690016

All surrounding regions should contact any of these regions and work out how they can pick up from there, or if they can get sufficient number of people in the regions to make it worthwhile.

The introduction of our box is really exciting, as it provides an opportunity for you to surround yourself and friends with the Our Shop brand. Imagine what happens in an office where an Our Box is dropped. While people charge significantly more for hampers, we are charging less and giving cash back to our distributors.

Our top 3 box distributors in the month of September, October and November get to win a yet to be disclosed cash price in our December Awards Ceremony.

Exciting Products in Our Shop – Check them out

– Educational Materials – Cashflow Boards & HR Training
– Electronics – Samsung, LG, Thermocool, Midea, Omaha, Tamashi, Hyundai, Hisense, Chigbo, Citizen, Sony, Sharp, Westpoint e.t.c.
– Computers and Accessories
– Blackberry Phones and other mobile phones
– Food and Beverages – Unilever, Cadbury, Nestle, Mcnichols {covering these with our box, you first need to buy our box to access these}, For Lagos only for now – meat, fish and vegetables. Perishables only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
– Fashion – Hair Care
– Land and Property – Roseberry Estate – An opportunity to buy land, pay in installments while you can win amazing prizes from Laptops, Projectors, Paid Tickets to Cars also in our December Awards Ceremony*
– Recharge Cards – You can buy this currently via requesting with email. This month we’ll be adding the ability to buy by calling someone not far away from your neighborhood.
– Travels – Do you want to spend this Christmas in Dubai? It’s in our shop now… you can market your friends on it and earn 40% back!
– Our Homes – A2W is giving 20 people an opportunity to take a stab at owning their homes. Read all the details in our shop.

Please remember that Our Shop is our shop! This means that if you find some information out there that helps our shop be better, don’t withhold it. Complaining does not solve anything, being proactive and taking responsibility does! It’s “Our Shop”.

Our Shop Rewards

Our Shop rewards are due for payment today Monday. They should be paid by the time you are reading this updates. All payments less than $10 will be paid in Naira. The names will be published and the monies can be collected from regional leaders. All payments from last month will be added to this month for those who still don’t’ have up to $10 and paid out in Naira. For those whose money make up to $10 it will be paid this month.

The December Awards Ceremony

Please remember, that come December there are loads of prizes to be won – Electric Jugs, Microwave Ovens, Home theatres, Fridges, Generators, Cars, Houses and lots more!
We have moved this years awards ceremony to December, in the hope that we’ll be able to do it, in “Our Place”.

In case you want to know what to do to win these prizes, it’s simple go nuclear with the Avenues to Wealth opportunity and share it with your friends. Remember to build with the powers.

Our Cooperative

Virtually all payments for August have been treated and acknowledged, and we have started responding to September payments. The accurate details with ending with August changes and payments will become live online this week. Please check by Thursday to verify that your payment for August has reflected.

The cooperative is working hard to secure additional software’s to ease the process of acknowledgements and reduce manpower requirements for keeping the cooperative profitable.

Do You Pray for Avenues to Wealth?

When next you pray, lift up Avenues to Wealth to God in prayers. What we are doing, is empowering people, helping people find meaning to live and find fulfillment. What we are doing is not merely a business, it’s changing lives and giving hope. We are in contention with evil forces because we want to achieve good. We are in contention with hate, because we walk in love. Pray for Avenues to Wealth, that the company and it’s leaders will be kept strong and endued with wisdom to take us all to the next level! Our next level, is around the corner. Thank you.

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