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Deolu Akinyemi

I am not tribalistic, but I am currently really worried about the Yoruba race! I value all people, all gender, tribe and tongue. I do not discriminate, or judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m thoroughly bothered about the trends I have observed in business over the last 3 years. I have travelled the length and breath of this country to a good extent and I have met different temperaments, tribes and types of people. While I respect the fact that our pasts do not define us and that it is impossible to fit a particular tribe into one classification, my findings about my people in the last 3 years is alarming!

The passion and desire of the Ibo man to escape the open jaws of poverty is not merely lip service, it’s backed up by action! In my experience this is true over 70% of the time. I thought the middle belters or even northerners were laid back, they beat my imagination and demonstrated both desire and willingness to do what it takes to be free. South South Nigeria have also proven time and time again, that “warri no dey carry last”. I am however bothered by the Yoruba man or woman! I have found them lazy, risk averse, intellectually constipated and analytically paralytic.

I don’t know who you are, but these traits are sufficient on their own to make anybody unsuccessful or outrightly average. I plead with you, if any of these elements typify you, get rid of them, and re-position your self.

1. Laziness

Laziness is a character fault that makes a person prefer anything else but hard work. The typical desire of a lazy person is to put his/her money into something, and do nothing to get results. They ask questions requiring to know what will happen if they do nothing. They are serious about doing nothing and see nothing wrong with that type of thinking. Laziness is also demonstrated by not thinking ahead or with a long term paradigm. It’s the reason why ancient wisdom recommends that the sluggard should study the ant. Laziness also finds expression in the making of excuses. The lazy man always has a lion on the street preventing him from making progress. You need to do all you can to rid yourself from all forms of laziness – physical, social or mental!

Here are the traits of laziness simplified
a. hates work, b. loves sleep, c. gives excuses, d. wastes time and energy, e. believes he’s wise, but is foolish.

If you are really considering laziness as an option, please also find below the inevitable rewards
a. becomes a servant or a debtor, b. has a bleak future, c. ends up poor

Laziness is a sin! “He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need” – Ephesians 4:28

2. Attitude to Risk

Everything in life has an element of risk to it, that’s why we need faith. Nothing risk, is nothing gained. If you are not willing to take a few calculated risks, your lot in life will not improve for the better. I’m not counseling you to become a gambler, I’m saying be willing to take an opportunity, understanding the risks, and making up your mind to take the decisions that will make the risks work to your advantage. Don’t withdraw into your shell all your life because you have been burnt before, don’t rest on your past failures. Success is the ability to move forward despite your failures until you win! Any caution that paralyses you or spoils your chances of making progress is dangerous caution. Don’t go for caution, go for freedom!

3. Intellectual Constipation

Intellectual constipation is a state of existence when you think you are full of knowledge and believe in your own wisdom. Once a man thinks he has the capacity to help himself, he cannot be helped. The easiest way for a good swimmer to get drowned is to try to help a drowning man who cannot help himself. The same is true of wealth and poverty, there is nothing as dangerous has a poor man who has his own untested ideas! If you discover a person like this, leave him quickly, he has so much humbling ahead of him. Unfortunately he can only be graduated from the school of hard knocks, except he humbles himself.

4. Paralytic Analysis

Some people’s intellectual muscle bars them from taking advantage of simple opportunities. They analyze and analyze until they are unable to take action. These people are easily identifiable, they ask questions about the future, posing like wise people but exposing their illiteracy. Some of these people ask questions like “In this A2W opportunity, what happens when all the people in the world have signed up?”. While this sounds like a wise question because of it’s longterm nature, I usually demonstrate the absurdity of the question by saying “once that happens, we’ll give birth to new children!”.

Sometimes you need to keep shooting when your aim is not right, until your aim is right. The people that succeed in this life, are not the people who were guided by caution and only tried a a few times. They are more people who take more action than is needed, fail more than is needed, but also succeed more than the average.

If any of these attributes characterizes your life, I recommend that you deliberately begin to counter them. Shun laziness, take calculated risks, empty yourself of your supposed knowledge and prejudices, abstain from paralytic analysis and take more action! Your mantra ought to be “More Action, Less Talk – MALT”.

Before it’ is too late!!

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