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Deolu Akinyemi

In the 5years plus I have been active on this blog, the last 8 weeks have marked my longest time away from this blog. My friends, fans, acquaintances, critics and stark enemies on this site have become a vital part of my life and existence. To tell you that I have missed you over the last 8 weeks, would be to summarize it and lose much of the meaning of those words. Every 2-3 days, I have had the urge to write something. I have wanted to stay in touch, to chronicle my life and experiences as I would normally do, but it was just somehow tight for me. Trust me when I say my life has usually been filled with activity beyond the average, the last 8 weeks however have been a marathon of some sort for me. Please permit me to say quite warmly and affectionately, with traces of tears lacing my eyes, and my voice muddled and on the edge of crying – “I missed you, yes you…I have missed you!”

The last 8 weeks are quite memorable for me. So much has happened in the last 8 weeks and trust me, even I have changed and grown. For one thing I have a better understanding of Nigeria and it’s composition. I have gained freedom from the mentality of South Westerners that call anyone from South East the same. I have seen first hand, that the difference between Imo, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi and Enugu is almost light and day, and that it is quite insane to throw a blanket over a landmass and call it, Northern Nigeria. I have seen first hand the perception of the South African police woman on her duty post, about another Nigerian trying to make a livelihood in South Africa. I have been privileged to rub shoulders with people whose accomplishments dull stardom and I have generally been around. It’s been quite developmental for me, and more importantly I know without a shadow of doubt, that I was a blessing to many people offline within those 8 weeks.

Let me see if I can come with a list of what I have been up to.

1. At some point I was in Abakaliki in Ebonyi to run an Avenues to Wealth Leadership Academy
2. At another point I was in Enugu to run a season of Avenues to Wealth Leadership Academy
3. At some point I was in Abuja to run a season of Avenues to Wealth Leadership Academy
4. At some point I was in South Africa checking out the status of my company and checking a few things out.
5. At some point I got an invitation from the Director of State Security Service for interesting reasons.
6. At some point I got drawn into the team going to the UK to watch the premier of Family on Fire.
7. At some point I was in Uyo for an Avenues to Wealth Leadership Academy
8. At some point I was in Jos to run the academy and to create a marketing buzz.
9. At some point I was in Port Harcourt to run the Leadership Academy
10 At some point I was in Awka running the Leadership Academy.

The academy runs for a full week, so you can see already that the last 8 weeks have been quite hectic. The days ahead are quite full as well, but I am hereby making a commitment that I will be back here more often and won’t be away for so long.

In the last 8 weeks, I have also learnt a lot, and my confidence and faith in the network marketing industry as a tool for development and empowerment has become unshakable. I have read the stories of many leaders in this industry, and have boldly seen that this is the way to go, infect I have only just begun. I can assure you that things will get better with time, and those who persevere will have success in their hands in uncommon measure. Blessed also are those who see the estate while it was still a bush, for they will live in the estate at a cheap price.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few things I am learning. I hope some will find encouragement, some direction, some the opening of eyes, some the freedom to move out of social, economic, political or spiritual lameness and some the access to life changing news. Please know that as usual, I have no apologies for what I have learnt and how some of the lessons may affect you. I know however that my overall purpose is to help someone else succeed, and to empower and elevate others.

Once again, I repeat unequivocally – I have missed you!

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