One sure way to position for anything you have been praying for.

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Deolu Akinyemi

A young lawyer, who was just starting his career, was having difficulty finding clients. He was struggling to get his practice off the ground and felt pretty discouraged. One day, he decided to reach out to a well-respected and successful lawyer who he had heard of but never met.

He sent the big lawyer an email, asking if he would be willing to meet for lunch to discuss the legal industry and to pick his brain about how to grow his practice. To his surprise, the prominent lawyer agreed and suggested they meet at a public restaurant.

At lunch, the young lawyer was nervous, but the big lawyer was friendly and approachable. They talked about a variety of topics, including the legal industry, current events, and their personal interests. The young lawyer was amazed at how knowledgeable and experienced the big lawyer was, and he was grateful for the opportunity to pick his brain.

After their meal, the young lawyer asked for the big lawyer’s help for his practice. He asked if the old lawyer would be willing to help him with some referrals. The big lawyer simply smiled and told him not to worry about that. That he had gotten all the help he needed already, the young lawyer couldn’t make any sense of this statement but decided not to allow it to spoil his mood. The dinner ended, and they strolled together to the big lawyer’s car, parked at quite a distance, and then the young lawyer journeyed back to where he packed his car close to the restaurant.

Just a few hours later, the young lawyer started getting calls from people booking his service to be their lawyer. He was quite flustered, wondering what had happened. It slowly dawned on him that the big lawyer had strategically invited him to a public restaurant and deliberately strolled with him on the streets as a way of associating with him, and announcing to the world, that this is a lawyer that is my friend and is in my network. No special other recommendation was necessary, and people simply concluded that birds of the same feather flock together.

The access to your desire or dream in this life is another human being.

So, what is the one thing you need to do to position yourself for what you have been praying for? Network!

Learn to understand that people are doors. Sometimes they take you to the room you want to go to, but sometimes they open to a passageway where you can find other doors that may lead you to where you need to be. Some doors open into tools you may need to open the room you want to go to, some doors don’t make sense now until later.

All human beings are equal in their capacity to extend you a hand and link you to what you are praying and hoping for. Treat everyone with respect, shut doors gently, and open doors courteously. Oil your old relationships and build new ones. What you need – contract, contact, marriage, success, promotion, position, power, fame, access, good health, solution, etc.- is a few relationships leading to one with the right person away from you.


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Adeolu Akinyemi


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