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Based on the New NNC Structure, we’ll want people to volounteer to take leadership positions for NNC in each state for now, we intend that we will break into chapters in the coming months, so that we can begin to actively participate in Nation Building together. Also we’ll be able to profile the results that the club has achieved from different states and different chapters. If you are willing to be NNC Representative from any of the states in Nigeria and you are already a member, please send me an email notifying me of your interest. The New Club Structure and system is at the NNC website.

Hello all Nigerian patriots, friends of Nigeria, visitors to www.deoluakinyemi.com and especially registered members of NNC  residing in UK. The goodnews is here, NNC UK chapter is kicking off.


We understand that Nigeria is not just a geographical location, it’s a people. We believe as part of our vision and strategy to undo the bad that has been done to our image internationally (by multiplying our good deeds), NNC will like to make its initiatives far reaching and engage Nigerians in Diaspora, to this end NNC UK chapter will be starting.


NNC is focused on adding value to the live of all its members by empowering members with knowledge and information, boost their financial power, increase the number of Nigerians that know how to make money legitimately.  We believe this is fundamental to achieving our bigger vision of nation building. Our campaign in UK is taking off with monthly BIT trainings which will initially be Free for participants, courtesy of our sponsors.


The first BIT training is slated for 30 August 2008, 20 participants will win places on the training selected by merit from an essay competition.


The topic of the Essay is ‘’ Creating the Nigeria of your Dreams’’

What can you do to shape the city of your dreams?

Please answer all three questions below:

1) Think about Nigeria. What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for people living there?

2) What needs to be done to transform Nigeria into the country of your dreams?

3) What could be your role, working together with your peers, in shaping the Nigeria of your dreams? Please focus on one or two points you mentioned in question 2).

You may use some of the points below to structure your answer:

If you have been personally involved in concrete initiatives you are welcome to write specifically about your experience and if you don’t have practical experience, write specifically about your ideas of how you would work with your peers to shape the Nigeria of your dreams? How can other youth replicate your experience?

Please send all your answers via email to ukreplies@newnigeriaclub.net

For more details about the Essay rules please go here

For all Nigerians in UK who believe in the New Nigerian Dream, let us come together to make it real.

If you are also interested in sponsoring this event, please send email for more information to : rhoda@eventsandthings.co.uk

For all other enquiries and information on how to join the NNC, please send an email to: ukinfo@newnigeriaclub.net

or you can  call these mobile numbers:

Peter : 07939285611

Rhoda: 07506957387

Up NNC! Up Nigeria!!

BIT Poster


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