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Deolu Akinyemi

“Please I need the names and numbers of people in whose lives 30-50k can make a world of difference. They need to be good natured Christians, actively serving in their local churches, and the money must be sufficient to make major impact in their lives or businesses. They will not have to do anything else to be qualified for the gift.”

“I’m also using this medium to invite as many as are willing to contribute money together with me for my yearly contribution to the Little Saints Orphanage (It’s the way I mark my birthday). I desire to raise 3million Naira for them this year. I’m not yet sure how my birithday will be celebrated, I’ll keep you in the know if it will.”

One day long ago (almost 17 years now) as a young lad with keen interest in mathematics, and keen interest in God, I began a search in the scriptures for the possibility of a mathematical harmony in God’s word. Somehow I wondered if the numbers in the bible were used abitrarily or if they had deeper meaning. I wondered how people lived so long in the early chapters and so short in comparism today, and I wondered if our days were numbered alike, i.e 30 days to a month, and twelve months to a year. I was able to find answers to strange questions, I was able to connect some very interesting dots, that shocked me about the rhythm and precision of God. I stumbled on the Sons of Issachar who were distinguished because they understood the times, knew what Isreal was meant to do per time, and stood in command of their brethren. I found that numbers were used at times as mere numbers, and atimes they were symbolic. Even in nature, the numbers behind the combination of elements makes a difference between soap and alchohol.

My search for the symbols behind numbers took me into some interesting understanding, showed me some things to come and made me prepared for my time. What you are about to read is not for all, and will certainly pose a lot of unanswered question to some, but to some others, they would have found an extra peice of support in navigating their journey’s with God, as they pray – “Teach us oh Lord to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to Wisdom”.

First let me say clearly that God is absolutely infinite in his power, in his wisdom and wealth. It is a honor for kings to seek God out and understand Him. Like honey to the tougue, so is the understanding of wisdom to the soul. When you connect the dots of the puzzle that God poses, it is sweet to the soul. One of such puzzles is the balance in the use of Numbers in God’s words and his being particular about the use of certain numbers in the dimension of some of the projects he instructed man on!

Here are a few of the basic number symbols in the Bible, the key numbers as I understand them are 1,2,3,4,5,7,10,12, 30, 40, 50, and 300. All other numbers however, including your age, can be derived by putting these numbers together in an intersting way. So with God’s wisdom, you can really number your days.

1: The Number One is a number that is used to connote Unity/ Oneness and Beginning. Unity is expressed in such verses that implies two shall become one, or the people were of one language, e.t.c. One is the smallest unit of anything and hence implies a beginning, it is usually characterised by creation, the beginning of a new venture, a change. One is also the Number of God, for his is One, and he is the beginning.

2: The number two symbolizes Intensity, testimony or confirmation and also symbolizes full compensation. Somehow these three thoughts are also connected.

Intensity: When something is done twice, it means it is certain, i.e when a dream is repeated twice like it was for Pharoah, it means it will happen, and quickly. When Belshazar saw a handwriting on the wall, and it said MENe MENE (twice) it meant intensity… now now! It happened that same night.

Testimony or Confirmation: Two is the number that is used when God wants to establish a fact, two is the number of witness. Nothing is fact until it is witnessed by two. In everything that had to do with the tables of testimony, there was the number two. Rev 11:3 (two witnesses), Zec 4:11, Isa 8:2 and many more. Even when God wanted to confirm his own word, he made sure it was two fold. Heb 6:13,17. “His word and His Oath”. Jesus also established a twofold witness, himself and God (John 8:18)

Full compensation: Many times the Bible says God will repay double, Job was recompensed double. 2 is a number that also indicates full compensation for Good or for bad.

3: Three connotes completeness. It stands for what is real, solid, entire, substantial and complete. There are three physical dimensions to make something solid, lenght, breadth and height. There are 3 dimentions in time, past, present and future. Human Capability is threefold – thought, word and deed. God is three in one. Isreal had three feasts to complete their obligations to God.

3 1/2: Between 3 and 4, there is the number Three and a half. This is an interesting number. As soon as we define the basic numbers, you will see that all the other numbers can be derived from the basic numbers. 3 1/2 is a derivation from 7. While seven is a divine number that connotes perfection or divine completeness, 3 1/2 connotes a period of evil cut short for the elects sake. There are so many references to this through the bible, both as either 3 1/2 years or time, times and half a time, or in 1260 days.

4: Four is the number of worldwide extension and balance. There are four winds, and 4 quarters of the earth (Dan 7:2, Rev 7:1). The Ark of God rested on 4 shoulders. There were four streams that flowed out of Eden. Jesus Garment was thorn in 4 by 4 Romans, predicting the move of Gods kingdom and it’s sustainable gospel to the four corners of the earth. When anything secures 4 bases, it’s balanced and empowered to go global.

5. Five is the number of Grace, favour, distinction. Five is the number of stones that David picked to combat Goliath. Five is the number of Letters in Jesus’s name. 5 is the number of changes of rainment and portions that Joseph made available for Benjamin because he favoured him above the rest. Five is the number of Measures and number of Maids Abigail took with her to seek the favour of David. Five loaves was what Jesus divided among over 5000 people. There were 5 wise virgins, and five foolish ones.

6. Six is (7-1), that is perfection without God, incomplete. It’s the number of incompleteness, the number of Man. Man was made on the 6th day. The temple lamp has 6 branches and 1 vine, man must depend on God to give light. The number of the antichrist is 666, that’s three, 6’s, that is completely incomplete a trinity of incompleteness – Totally without God! Boaz gave ruth 6 measures of grain, and it was a sign understood by Naomi showing that the reunion was not yet complete.

About 7, and the other numbers we’ll continue in the next article on numbers (I’m learning to keep it short :)). How other numbers that represent our ages are derived will also be in another feature, or… you might want to study it yourself.

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