My Birthday Giveaway and Investment in a Generation

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Deolu Akinyemi

Enrollment will close at 12 midnight on Sunday, August 13, 2023. Share this with students you know, or if you are a student, seize the opportunity now!

Join Adeolu akinyemi’s Mentorship Program

Embark on a year-long journey of growth and empowerment with Adeolu Akinyemi. This program is tailored for 46 students in higher institutions, aged between 16 and 25. It’s designed to equip them with essential life skills, financial intelligence, and entrepreneurship knowledge. The aim is to foster personal and professional development, inculcate financial responsibility, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among participants.

The class size has expanded, but rewards and recognition will be limited to the top 46 participants. Please note that this cohort is exclusively open to students in higher institutions between the ages of 16 and 25, unless under extraordinary circumstances.

Why This Program?

Mentorship has transformed my life! Numerous times, I’ve been fortunate to receive guidance from individuals more knowledgeable and experienced than myself.

Who is this Adeolu Akinyemi self

Adeolu Akinyemi is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of a number of companies spanning – Manufacturing, Fintech, Consulting, Oil and Gas, Travel, Real Estate, farming, etc. He also provides advisory and leadership support for a number of businesses and charities. He enjoys teaching, coaching, and inspiring others on an eclectic range of personal development topics. He is passionate about financial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and Human Resources Management, he is a blockchain enthusiast, a wellness fan, a network marketing champion, a life coach, a patriotic Nigerian, and a Jesus aficionado. Adeolu Akinyemi is a Nation builder, he votes every four years, supports the political process, and has been a key driver on a number of nation-building initiatives over the years.

His passion for serving others and solving problems has won him scholarships from FGN (Federal Government of Nigeria), Shell BP, and WAPCO, global recognition awards for peak performance in Human Resources management, global recognition awards for exceptional innovation in human resource management, national awards as a young corporate professional of the year award – Future Awards, Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, FGN and a variety of leadership and service awards from JCI and a number of other organizations.

He’s happily married to his secondary school friend – Temitope (aka MI), and together they have three amazing children – Ireoluwa, Araoluwa, and Ifeoluwa Akinyemi.

What can you expect to benefit

– Financial Literacy
– Refined Leadership skills
– A growth mindset and self-confidence.
– Expanded career options
– More clarity about personal and professional goals
– Expanded network
– Start up your Business
– Start up your Career


It’s absolutely free for the 46 Shortlisted enrollees. Considering extending to many others too.

Enroll Here

Shortlisted enrollees will be contacted.

NB: By forwarding this to someone who gets enlisted, you would have been part of someone’s success story. Just 2 days ago, someone mentioned an attendee of one of our programs to me who has become the group head of his chosen career in a big organization. This was someone whose first contact with the career was in the training we organized.

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Are you earning enough passively to take care of your living expenses

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