Jesus is not an App!

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Deolu Akinyemi


The world does not get Jesus, and unfortunately neither do many people who claim to be Christians.

Jesus did not come to introduce another religion, far from it. He was totally against the grain of religion, and differed greatly from all of them. All religions have teachers who point the way, Jesus came and said – I am the Way. All religions have 5 pillars, 8 principles or 7 pathways. Jesus said Follow me! All religious teachers and icons, died, Jesus died, resurrected and stays alive till eternity, in a pathway that is worthy of following! We know for a fact that all who follow Jesus shall live forever! Jesus didn’t come to start another religion, he came to start a revolution! His target wasn’t a day of the week, he wasn’t meant to be an addition to our already filled lives. Jesus came to take over, and redefine our lifestyles.

The first step in following Jesus, is to die! Yes uninstall, format and clear out all you have, get Jesus in first, then everything else that matters will fall in place.

You see, in the eye of today’s technology jargons, Jesus is not an application for you to run, while still running your old system and applications, no! Jesus requires a total formatting of your hard disc and reinstallation of a new operating system. It means all the applications you had installed before – career, friendships, relationships, priorities, finances, businesses e.t.c have to first shut down, and be formatted. This is why the first step in coming to salvation is REPENTANCE! That word repentance is akin to a total change of operating system. Any other application that will ever run in your life in future, must either be compatible with the Jesus software, or it won’t run! If the way it ran before is not in compliance with the way Jesus runs it, then you need to get another application that was designed based on parameters set to work with Jesus.

The Bible is full of many of the phrase “The kingdom of heaven is like”, these are source codes for determining the applications that can run on the Jesus OS, and the integration protocol of how they can run. In simple terms, Jesus needs to be at the root of your life. Your following him, needs to change your priorities, your desires, your principles and entire way of life.

Jesus was never meant to be a Sunday add-on, He came to be the central focus of our lives. He came to rearrange our priorities, to alter our desires, destroy our relationships, reset us, and reconfigure us to operate with his philosophy and mindset. Jesus cannot be an app on your system, he is either lord of all, or not lord at all. There is no inch of space in your life and mine that Jesus does not want to be the master of. The deal was life for life.

Beware of any followership of Christ that doesn’t make Jesus Christ the central piece of the life of his disciples. He must be taken at the level of  the operating system, from where everything else derives it’s basis.

Think about it. Does Jesus have root access in your life? Does he have total control of you? Or is Jesus a part of your life? If you have a spiritual life which is different from your emotional life, then you are running Jesus as an application. If everything you do revolves around your relationship with Jesus and his way of life, then he’s your operating system.

Would you like to format your life and accept the life and teachings of Jesus as a way of life? Then contact me ASAP.

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