When Should You Thank God!

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Deolu Akinyemi


When is the best time to thank God?

1. When there is a challenge and you have got God’s word on it. The moment you have his word, the seasons have changed and you can praise him. The psalmist says “ I rejoice at your word like someone who finds great spoil”. Getting God’s view about your problem or challenge is already a prize.

2. When you are in the heat of battle! When you are in the eye of the storm. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God. One of these weapons is thanks giving! In 2 Chronicles 20, Israel goes to War at God’s command with a choir band. As they began to sing and praise, the Bible says God brought confusion upon their enemies, and they each helped to kill each other until they were all dead. When we sign and dance in the middle of battles and challenges, God deploys His troops on our behalf. The victory imminent is matchless.

3. When the battle is over, and it takes days and days to collate the victory. Praise God when it’s done! Ask the leper that went back to thank Jesus – When we approach Him he heals us, when we thank Him after He makes us whole! Don’t be an ingrate, give God praise as you take your sigh of relief. He is worthy of all the Glory!


God’s word – You are the light of the world, a city set upon the hill cannot be hidden! If I make you a light do you think I God will hide you under a bushel? I’m bringing you up and bringing you out to dazzle the world with glowing colours. It’s your time to shine out My life. I am not a SECRET to be kept, show me to your world!


Prayer: God I receive grace to represent you in my place of work. I receive favor before the Kings around me to empower me to carry out your agenda. I receive understanding to make sense out of your word. In Jesus name I pray! Type Amen if these are for you!


Before this just becomes a mere stimulation of your mind, what do we need to do as a result of what we have learnt today? Here are a few paradigms that differentiate this from the norms in our world today!

1. God’s word does not come in support of what is not His plan! For example –  rather than ask God to give you children! Remind God that He needs children in the earth who would be trained in His way, and remind him that you can be a channel he can rely on. God knew that Abraham would instruct his family to follow God, so God could depend on Him. God opened Hannah’s womb as soon as she pledged her son! It is when your plan aligns with God’s will that you command heaven’s attention! Seek His word, and let your life align. Bring forth your strong reasons says the King of Jacob!

2. Realize that your own hand cannot bring you victory. Don’t look up to God to rubber stamp your will and ideals, realize that if the Lord does not watch the house, the night watchmen keep watch in vain. Realize as well that whatever God does, it shall be for ever. It is better your battles are fought by God, than fought by yourself. Cease from your struggles, let Go, and let God! Worship him in the eyes of your storms!

3. There are many people who only thank God when things are going good. The bible says in Phil 3:19 (MSG) “Belches are their praises”. They belch, and that’s it! Their God is their stomach, they are appetite driven and thankful for satisfied appetites. This is not meant to be our portion, we need to be those who thank God for doing what He promised, and giving us the grace to stay true to his will and purpose.

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