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We live in an Information Age! This means that the most important resource in the world today is information. Information is worth millions of dollars per gram! How did I know this? Simple, people have lost millions of dollars, just because they didn’t know very little information. A man in Congo sold a shiny glass for $100 while the European who bought it from him, found out information about the same piece of glass and sold it for $11m. The only difference was information! What we don’t know can kill us, while what we know can save us.

Many times we don’t value what we don’t know, but what we don’t know may be worth millions or simply worth our lives. What I want to share with you today is vital information. The type that can save lives and transform families. I just got into a new relationship, and this is a little teaser of more to come.

Everyday is worthy of showing love, do take the following tips as a little gift for you to ginger up your relationships.

1. Write Your Loved one a Letter: Words can say a lot. They mean something when they are said or written. The difference is that your partner can take those written words around with them forever and re-read them exactly as they are written.

Also when you write how you feel down, you have the opportunity of correcting all errors and ensuring it’s exactly as you want it to be recorded. You wrote more in the early days of your relationship, it’s time to rekindle those flames.

Assignment: Write your loved one a note that they are likely to carry with them for 10yrs. Write a letter of gratitude. Or, you can create a love letter describing them with all the letters of the alphabet – A-Z.

2. Invest in Intellectual Growth together: One of the easiest ways for couples to drift apart is for one to get very intelligent while the other one goes dull or makes no progress. Carry your spouse along if you are the faster one, and don’t be caught napping if you are the slower one. If you are not watching this healthy intellectual balance, in 5yrs both of you would be different people incapable of enjoying each others company intellectually. That, is the beginning of coming home late, coming home straight to sex or bed, e.t.c. A war foretold never catches a prepared cripple.

Assignment: Get out there and buy a book or watch a show or browse the internet and learn about it! Try to learn something new every day starting today. Think of the 365 new things you will know in a year from now. Carry your spouse along! Also, don’t be macho or feminine about your involvement in A2W. Carry your spouse along.

3. Plan Your Financial Future Together:  A husband called me and asked me how I cope with my wife. His wife wants the good things of life, and not later, NOW! His wife didn’t seem to understand what it means to delay gratification, to plan to buy a house, or look forward to passive income while paying now to play later.

Mark these words – “A couple that plans together, stays happy together”. The reason why husbands don’t expose all they earn to their wives, is that they are not really on the same page. If you are not on the same page financially, it’s a little window broken already, expect other things to be kept secret from you. Level with yourselves, plan the future together, make the sacrifices together, and work together at weekly reviewing your goals. It keeps a family together, when there are no secrets. Those who are able to manage money well are likely to manage their sex lives well, and then everything else follows.

Assignment: Find a workshop that can help you figure it out and bring you closer. There are plenty on A2W and online. You can follow me on twitter or follow my BB below.

4. I will give you more of this, if you prove that this has really been useful.

In the meantime, renew your privilege pack if you are not active, call up your sponsor, mentor or coach, and give yourself another opportunity to do this better this year.

I love and appreciate you!

Adeolu Akinyemi


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