Heaven’s Blank Check!

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Deolu Akinyemi


“What do you want from me? Ask!”

A human being was asked that question by God! Wow! That’s the unlimited God, asking the limited man! That’s what they call opportunity beckoning. The owner of everything, originator of all things, creator of the heavens and the earth, asks a mortal man to ask, for whatever he wants from him.

Now pause and really think about this. Imagine you are the person who got this Blank check from God! What would you ask for? Think about it? What are your needs? Let me be frank with you, that opportunity has come before, and the chances that you already blew it are 99%!

Ok, let’s bring it home so you can see your answer. You are in church on Sunday, and a pastor is leading prayer, he asks you to pray for the nation, the church e.t.c. Then he rounds up at the end and says, this prayer is for you, ask God for that thing that you need! What did you pray for? Needs, Money, Family, Career, Breakthrough Promotions? You wasted the opportunity!

The man in the question above was Solomon. His story is in 1 Kings 3: 5-14 and 2 Chron 9: 7-12. Solomon did not ASK for WISDOM in the sense we were taught in Kiddies Bible Club! Read the story again for yourself and this time around pay attention to the theme! Solomon did not ask for anything for himself, he asked for what will enable him to do God’s WILL at that time! The most important thing was not the specific thing he asked for, but the purpose for which his asking was for. He told God about the fact that he was merely an answer to His father’s prayer, and that what he needs is an understanding heart to judge God’s people, for no one can Judge God’s people without God’s help. In short he asked father, I understand what your will is, give me the resources to execute it.

God was delighted at Solomon’s response, the Bible says it pleased God. Recall, God only hears prayers that are in alignment with his WILL. 1 John 5:14, 15. God has plenty of things he wants to do, but He would not do them until He’s able to get a human representative who would align with him and pray for what he wants to do. This is why God seeks for a man Ezekiel 22:30! God was pleased that what he wanted for Solomon was Solomon’s request, and because Solomon had asked for these things. God added everything else you could ever wish for – Money (Solves most problems), honor (that money cannot buy) and if he follows the pattern of David – long life.

Research shows that at $1,000 per oz of Gold (It’s $1319 today) King Solomon was worth $222million. That places him at richer than the richest fortune 500 people put together.

Oh the world has not seen the wealth possible, the honor reserved has not be touched, the excellence of majesty, the powers of the age to come, the manifestations of the Sons of God are still mysteries. We have limited God with our prayer points, belittled the Ancient of days with our selfishness. While God seeks for men, men aimlessly seek for a God that answers to their needs – a God without a personal agenda, a purposeless God! Really man limits God to god! Like the Israelites who changed their glory into the image of an ox that eats grass (Ps 106:20), we grossly misrepresent God!

When man lines up to God’s agenda, God empowers the man, and adds on all else. When a man seeks first God’s kingdom, all other things are added! The miraculous happens in the realm of representing the WILL of God! The mouths of Lions are shut, nations mightier than us are subdued, Red Seas part, Manna Rains, dead people are raised, nations bring their tribute, the power of God manifests! God is able to redefine the resources of value in alignment with those executing his WILL. If a leader sends his people on an errand, they don’t need to beg him for transport or accommodation money. The will that covers the assignment, covers everything else required for the journey! You have been struggling because you have not made Him your priority! You are in need, because He is in need, and His need is not your priority! Prioritise His WILL and watch God move on your behalf! There are resources untapped, brain cells unutilised, networks unused, all waiting steadfastly for you to seek first that which aligns with His will.

Priority determines Capacity! If you make the first things first, every other thing would find it’s place!

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