The First Million Dollars

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Deolu Akinyemi

I have it in authority from converstations with a number of wealthy people, that the first million dollars is the hardest million to make. Once you learn the key skills to overcome this, the rest is pretty simple.

Well, I decided to keep quiet about this, until I have first experiemented with my life and have proof that it can be done. I’m glad to say to you without boasting or bragging that it has been done, and it can be replicated. There are many who have gained wealth in ways that are not duplicable, even they are not really sure about how they got it. It happened based on things they do not understand, and they can’t give others a road map.

I made it in easily duplicable ways, but I can’t share it with too many people as I do not want to spread myself too thin. I also will not do it for free, as what people get free they don’t appreciate. I am willing to charge a token of N100,000 from a maximum of 10 people. The course will include 5 day intensive and we’ll track progress monthly together for the next 1yr, and more years depending on your passion and desire. We will do reviews, recaps, assignments and I will introduce you to a few other people who will help in your journey. We will both sign a contract of commitment towards our objectives. If you come for the course and after day 2 you feel like you are in the wrong class, you will get a full refund of what you have paid!

I know that hundreds of people will respond to this call. Please note that the maximum number of people I am willing to work with in 2012 is 10. From this 10, I intend to further trim them to a maximum of 5 for 2012, and another 5 for the next year.

Some of you may think, he wants to collect our money. I don’t. 1 million naira is only one out of 160 million in 1 million dollars. The money is not for me, it’s to set you up on your journey.

If you think you are qualified for this. Send a mail to with the subject- “First Million Dollars”. This offer comes with a money back guarantee, only if you follow the simple steps required. You can only fail, when you quit! If you are qualified, you will get a mail detailing you on next steps. If you are not, no hard feelings, it means not now, not yet, and perhaps not you. Also please note that this opportunity will close on the 15th of November, 2011.

I guarantee you, sure success if you are committed to simple process. Congratulations in advance to all that qualify.

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi

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