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Sometimes ago, a certain young lady asked me to show her exactly how to make money online. I then went on to ask the individual what she is passionate about, and then she responded, saying she loves writing. I then responded that she could actually earn money online writing articles.

I shared with her a secrets i found sometimes ago of how one can write an article and submit it online and earn $3 – $5 for every 350-400 word article they write. The method of payment is actually by paypal, but since this individual is in Nigeria, I offered to help her out by receiving her payments whenever she earns money.

Now, she got started, wrote her first 3 articles and they all got rejected due to grammatical errors. I then went on to explain why she needs to edit her article. She resubmitted one of those articles and was offered $2.84 for a 350 word article. Not a bad start I told her, simply hone your skills and write more compelling articles and you’ll earn top dollars, I said. Personally, I have written articles that earned me $8.50 for a 450 word article.

And so, this morning, I checked my email and received another email from this same lady with the below excerpts (note, I have edited it without losing the main content):

I want you to know that this method of making money online is very slow. I want you to help me with something that will make me money very fast!

Please help me….Please reply

And so I responded, saying….

”The method you have will definitely make you money beyond your expectation, if you put your thought into it and map out a plan to earn 5 figures yearly. Imagine this:

$5 x 50 articles (weekly) = $250 weekly

$250 x 4 weeks = $1000 monthly = N153,000 Monthly!

Of course, there will be articles written that will earn you more. And yes, you could write 10 articles per day and submit it!

So map out a plan for yourself and get on with it!

Now, why did I share the above email?  It’s because I get mails like this on a daily basis, from individuals asking me how they can make money online very quickly. I’ve been doing online business for nearly 6-7 years, and I can tell you that the only way to make money quickly is if you are spread betting or are lucky to enter a Forex trade position when its trending in your direction. Apart from those unusual circumstance (one in 1 million odds) there is no way you can make money online quickly!

If you keep on searching for “How to Make Money Online Quickly”, then you end up “Getting Poor Quickly”

Yes, I know. I know you’ve read a lot of sales letter from internet marketers telling you that their system can start making you $2500 in the next minute you buy their formula/system or that you get paid $50 for typing per hour etc. I want you to know that those internet marketers have learnt something called “The power of persuasion”. How did I know? It’s because I have learnt it too. I can write a sales letter that will make you want to buy a product from me on impulse without thinking twice.

But lets think about it, if you buy a secret/system/voodoo/leak/cheat sheet etc (that’s what they are called…lol) from a self professed Guru (most times, they don’t have results to show for it), would it not take time to learn how the secret works? It will even take weeks, if not months before implementing and seeing results!

So can you see now that making money online is not a QUICK WAY of becoming rich? If you want to get rich quick, I suggest you try the lottery, and yes, you can get lucky playing the lottery, only that there are more chances of you getting broke than getting rich. You can calculate your chances of winning the lottery too

Making money online does not really exist! What exist is “Building business online that will make you money” So to make money online, you need to build a business that works entirely online and generate income. To build that business, you need to draw out your plan, find a best selling product, determine how many hours you’ll spend to work on selling it, consider the startup cost and treat your online business as a proper business and then…lastly SHOW UP! Once you are able to satisfy the above, then you can start making money online, because your business has helped you to!

By the way, if you want to know which website you can get paid $3 – $5 per article you write, simply go to Associated Content to sign up to start earning money writing articles online. If you want a detailed step by step tutorial e-book…do PM me

P.S. In my next post next Thursday, I’ll explain exactly how to build an online business and what you require and how to go about it…watch out for this!

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